‘Give charter change chance’

‘Give charter change chance’

Victorias City Mayor and Association of Chief Executives (ACE)-Negros Occidental president Javier Miguel "Javi" Benitez said Monday, January 29, that charter change should be given a chance as it would still be the people to decide on it.

“Let’s give people the chance to say what they want of the charter change, let the debate start," Benitez said.

Benitez made the statement as the signature campaign to amend the 1987 Constitution through the People’s Initiative is now ongoing in different towns and cities all over the country.

"We should have debates about charter change now. We should be talking to the Senate, congressmen, local leaders, especially the people, about what we want to happen for our country," Benitez added.

Earlier, he said 15 mayors in the province are supporting charter change which will tackle the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution.

He said the People’s Initiative is really just the opening of conversation about change in the Constitution, “We should have to talk about it. We should not shut down an idea right away. We should give it a chance. What does it mean? What provisions of the Constitution that we have to improve, economic or political provisions?”

Asked about the offering of government programs for people who will sign the People’s Initiative to amend the Constitution, Benitez said it is not happening in Victorias City.

"While we can have the best leaders and experts, if the system is not allowing for more development for our country, province, or city, then we have to revisit it. I think we should give it a chance. At the end of the day, it is the people who will decide,” Benitez stressed.*


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