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Kabataan party-list Negros condemns attack vs student leader

Kabataan Partylist-Negros vehemently condemned the alleged intimidation, psychological harassment, and constant illegal surveillance by the state forces of youth leader Florence Guzon, its secretary-general.

On April 25, state elements reportedly went to Guzon’s residence in Talisay City and scouted for information, mainly through his mother, without a legal search warrant.

They allegedly asked for Guzon’s personal information as well as his whereabouts.

Furthermore, the state forces also red-tagged the student leader by insinuating his alleged ties to the New People’s Army (NPA).

Guzon denied the allegation, stressing that is both false and baseless.

The state forces also requested to be let inside Guzon’s room to take photos of his belongings. The presence of nationalist and progressive readings in his room was used to link him to being a member of the NPA, he said in a press statement released on Monday, May 13.

Recently, the student leader reportedly said that he was surveilled illegally by state elements, especially near the proximity of their home.

These actions by the state forces violate his constitutionally guaranteed rights, he said, adding that it has also caused psychological distress not only to him but also to his family.

Guzon’s case is not isolated as various instances of intimidation, harassment, and red-tagging towards the youth were also recently orchestrated nationwide in the lead-up to Labour Day, the Kabataan party-list said in the press statement.

The group added, “These actions clearly show the fascism of the state toward progressive youth leaders. Not only is this a threat and a violation of the youth’s democratic rights but the country’s democracy at large. Even the Supreme Court recently ruled that red-tagging is a threat to the Filipino’s fundamental rights.”

These constant attacks on progressive youth only show how misplaced the government’s priorities are, it also said.

Kabataan called on the government to end the illegal surveillance and harassment of progressive youth leaders.

Also, it called on the lawmakers to swiftly pass the Human Rights Defenders Bill, especially in the light of the recent ruling of the Philippine Supreme Court defining red-tagging as an act that puts its subject in harm's way.

“We call on the Negros youth to stand our ground and continue our campaigns and service to the Filipino people despite attacks towards us,” they also said.*

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