Aguilar: Julia Gwynyth N. Ostan: Celebrate uniqueness

 (Contributed photo)
(Contributed photo)

NEWLY-CROWNED Lin-ay sang Minuluan 2019 Julia Gwynyth Ostan paid us a visit this week and shared to us her journey as the new internet sensation after being featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho show.

Fifteen years young, the bubbly Julia hails from Zone 15, Talisay City and studies high school at STI West Negros University. A Negrense beauty through and through her stardom came in unexpected when a photo of her having two stunning colored eyes became viral in social media and reached a million views. Jessica Soho’s team then contacted her for a guesting and then everything was history.

“Because of Jessica Soho, my life has changed. Since I got featured, more opportunities came. I became the Nikkon ambassadress. I received modelling offers for accessories and clothes and then more opportunities just came pouring,” the young Julia joyfully shared.

Despite coming into the limelight with a big bang, Julia is very resolved to continue her studies and finish medicine someday. To her, this beauty tourism industry is a part time thing and she cannot see herself long term in the business. “I have always wanted to be a doctor. I will stick to that dream. Modelling is a part-time thing. I won’t give up my schooling for it.”

Winning Lin-ay sang Minuluan a few days ago was an early birthday gift as Julia is celebrating her natal day today, September 14.

She will be representing Talisay City for Lin-ay sang Negros 2020 at 16 years old. Very young but she is all up for it and is starting to prepare for the big pageant.

Two-color eyes

“I have a condition called heterochromia iridum. I have colored eyes, the blue and the brown. It is permanent but I have normal vision,” said Julia who noted that she is actually pure Filipina with no foreign blood in her system as she is easily mistaken to have Caucasian blood with her fair complexion.

Growing up with unique eyes were not easy for Julia especially in her elementary years. She shared being bullied in school and being tagged as an “alien,” which affected her self-esteem and made her wish she had normal eyes like the rest.

“I only had two friends in elementary despite the fact that there are a lot of students in my school. The students were talking about me behind my back. It made my self-confidence low. I did not have the energy to laugh out loud or to talk. I was just quiet. It was only when I was transferred to Bacolod City National High School in my 7th grade, there the people really accepted me. It was in there that I joined my first pageant and I got the crown as Miss Agham,” she shared as her self-confidence grew with her new environment until today.

“Maybe God gave me these kind of eyes so that I can have a lot of opportunities and I can use this positively. I am thankful to have these kind of eyes. Acceptance is the key to happiness,” she said when asked if she has already fully embraced her uniqueness.

Three lessons

When asked with my usual parting question in all my feature interviews, Julia says she has learned three lessons in her journey as a teen internet sensation.

1. Be unique and dare to be different.

2. Acceptance is the key to happiness.

3. Celebrate and embrace the special uniqueness God has given us.

Julia is the daughter of Engr. Mateo and Ms. Jinalyn Ostan. She is a morning person who loves to eat and enjoys hanging out with friends at the mall. Her favorite color is black and she is a certified Chris Evans fan.

Happy birthday Julia Gwynyth N. Ostan! Thank you for gracing us with this feature. Thanks as well to your mentor Joery Cabus for making this interview happen.


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