Bacolod City launches China-manufactured e-jeepney

BACOLOD. The electric jeepney is manufactured by China-based Jiangsu Fengchuen New Energy Power Technology Co. Ltd. (Merlinda Pedrosa photo)
BACOLOD. The electric jeepney is manufactured by China-based Jiangsu Fengchuen New Energy Power Technology Co. Ltd. (Merlinda Pedrosa photo)

THE City Government of Bacolod launched the electric (e)-jeepney manufactured by China-based Jiangsu Fengchuen New Energy Power Technology Co. Ltd. at the Bacolod City Government Center (BCGC) Friday, July 14.

The launching was led by Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez along with the members of the City Council and officials of the Fengchuen company led by its chairman Li Longde.

Benitez said it’s very important to understand the climate change threat is very real.

“It may not happen in our lifestyle, but for sure it will happen if we do nothing to our children’s children and the threat is overwhelmingly dangerous. It is very important that we act now to be able to save our children’s children in the future which is why one of the first steps that we are undertaking is to ensure that we reduce the carbon emission in our environment and one way in doing that is going electric,” he said.

He said that vehicles contribute the most harm in carbon emissions.

Like other countries, Bacolod City should be one of the pioneers and leaders in moving towards the program of electric vehicles, he added.

Benitez also expressed his gratitude to Li Longde for making sure that they will operate in Bacolod City.

“When I was in China, he (Li Longde) mentioned the city of Bacolod to be the pioneer for his project and we are very blessed to have him and have his confidence to be able to invest and be a partner of Bacolod City,” Benitez said.

He said the e-jeepney will be presented to the stakeholder and one of the conditions that they had set with Li Longde is it becomes viable, profitable, and acceptable for the operators as a better alternative for the jeepney modernization program of the government.

“We envisioned Bacolod to be the first where the transport sector will embrace electric vehicles,” he added.

The mayor noted that most of the cities in China have already migrated to electric vehicles for public transportation.

“Right now, I think, the direction is to encourage the whole transport sector to go electric vehicles,” Benitez said.

He said the Fengchuen company will also construct its electric vehicle plant in Bacolod and it’s the first in the country.

“Once we determine that it’s viable, then we will encourage importation for the meantime, or they are looking for at least 300 units for importation once everything is finalized. After that, they will start building the electric vehicle plant in Bacolod,” he added.

The e-jeepney can accommodate 21 persons. The interior height is 1.75 meters and equipped with an air conditioner with four speakers, a radio, and four-way closed circuit television camera (CCTV), and a global positioning system (GPS). A front door for up and down, a rear door for emergency.

E-jeepney undergoes various rigorous tests at professional automotive test grounds before mass production.

Aside from building the electric vehicle plant in Bacolod, Benitez said the company will also include its supply chain among others.

“We will talk about it and I am in favor of this plan because it will boost Bacolod’s position to be, not just an industrial area, but it’s also a big help for our exports,” he said.

He added they are only processing the permits and licenses so they can start to operate in the city.


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