LRY urges siblings to stop using social media trolls

IT SEEMS that the squabble among the Yanson family has resumed after about two weeks that the two camps have stopped issuing statements through the media.

Leo Rey Yanson is urging his four siblings to stop using trolls in Social Media which he said further sow confusion and peddle lies and half-truths amidst their squabbles.

LRY exposed that there are bogus social media Facebook accounts that allegedly serve as mouthpiece by his siblings.

He challenges his four siblings to stop creating or sponsoring Facebook trolls intended to lambast him, Ginnette and their mother, Olivia.

"I understand if you lambast me or my sister Ginnette but not our only mother who sacrificed her whole life to bring us where we are now. If they have no malice, why do they have to hide behind their bogus Facebook accounts? They are cowards who could not even face the truth because they are hiding under the skirts of their social media warriors, who are posting nothing but non-issues and lies," LRY said paid hacks pretending to be defenders of workers' rights have not stopped twisting the truth.

"Stop playing like you are victims and championing the workers cause because this is exactly what you were doing when you illegally took possession of the Mansilingan headquarter last July 07, 2019," the youngest of the Yansons said.


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