Music as a wellness support

By Christian Dominique Dumdum
Music as a wellness support
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Catchy sounds, beautiful hums, and melodic whispers appeal to one's ears and musical preferences.

Even when you hear a familiar hook on the radio, you can't simply stop uttering those popular lines.

Also defined as a universal language, music has drastically evolved as an instrument to express someone's artistic side in social interactive mediums.

And it's absolutely no surprise to think that most of us can't simply live without our earphones because of leisure or entertainment reasons.

It serves its purpose as a wellness support with multifunctional features to enhance an active lifestyle.

Like at a yoga class, you and your friends would definitely need a soothing sound to deeply meditate.

But totally a different story at a Zumba session, cause you'll absolutely want a loud banger to dance energetically.

We can even attest to having its natural and therapeutic elements because it is easily relatable regardless of what you're feeling.

From an artist sadly playing an acoustic guitar to a choir merrily performing in an orchestra, we can simply tell that it is a beautiful emotional expression.

It helps represent joy, grief, fear, and love in a lyrical ensemble and translates it to harmony and rhythm wordplay.

So just in perfect timing with the yuletide season, get ready to be serenaded with joyful hums everywhere.

Because these festive chants are a symphonic representation that the holidays are all around the corner.*



Christian Dominique Dumdum is currently working as a quality analyst. He used to be part of their school paper in college and writing has always been his hobby.


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