Legaspi: Contentment and passivity

WE face political squabble, irrational oil price hikes, devaluation of the peso, irreligiosity, murders and killing sprees, health issues, and pending international conflict. Food shortage and other issues around the globe. The question is how are we responding to these realities? What are we doing?

It seems that we are now contented with the situation. We are accepting what is placed in front of us. We no longer do something to change or alter the course. It seems that we are okay, so we do not mind others. Take a look at the young people today, many of them are in malls and are roaming around instead of learning and studying and making good use of their modules. We see a lot of them malling during class hours. Anyway, all the blame is placed on the hands of Covid-19.

I will try to look at our attitudes and behavior towards these issues. I hope that this will somehow wake us up from our passivity.

In politics and governance, it seems today that there is a race to the finish line on who shall get appointed to a position in government. I see people who want to get power and authority rather than serving the people. There is a political tug-of-war inside the arena. Neophyte politicians are having a hard time picking up people to fill the appointive positions. There is political squabble everywhere. What are we doing? We get entertained and talk about it. We tell ourselves, let us just see in the future. We have to remember that this is our future.

In the field of economics, time and time again, we are faced with the uncertainty of the power of the peso. We do not have a financial plan as to what will happen to our currency. A sector of our society rejoices when the peso devaluates. This is incomprehensible, we have to look at the big picture and stop looking at the foreign currencies as dictators of our economy. Our economy is also dictated by the oil industry. Even the least of our products are so dependent upon the use of petroleum. We have been spoiled by technology that we have developed callousness. Shall we continue to be enslaved by the peso-dollar economy? It is not the foreign currency that will help us. This is ours and not theirs.

On the issue of health, Covid-19 will stay with us like a natural disease. But more will come soon. We have been so lenient as to the entry of carriers into our country and we have been too cautious of our neighbors. We give special treatment to tourists but to the locals, we have been too strict. The new variant and other diseases will soon get in and what are our responses to such? None, we have opened our doors and windows for them in the name of international trade and business. Where are we going?

International, national, and local security issues are just around the corner. Security problems are brought about by unaddressed economic and even political issues. We read about the pending world conflict, and we still can afford to do blogging and TikTok. We have heard of killing sprees everywhere, but these are just news. What are we doing? Science has told us that in the past two years criminal rates went down and now, in the “new normal,” criminality rates are growing swiftly.

So, with all these crises, what shall we do? We need to be proactive and do something. It is we who can save ourselves and not through aid or funds. They too have their problems. We have to be vigilant and be strong in opposition to programs that advance the cause of the foreign imperialists. Be active and stop being passive.


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