Llavor-Deita: Teleserye in politics

AS AN ordinary citizen who religiously pays my taxes please allow me to equate my thoughts about politics with teleserye.

I can’t help but noticed that when election is fast approaching political blockbuster teleserye comes in. All the possible propaganda that the political candidates can do must be seen on mass and social media. I’m just wondering who were the script writers of these politicians especially those who are running for senators. The script writers must be really good so that their candidates will land into the magic twelve slots. These script writers in politics must have a very good plot from introduction to denouement to get the votes of the people.

If we take a look at the advertisements on televisions, radios, and even social media most of the air time for commercials are about our senatorial candidates. Famous singers, actors, people in the market, etc. are endorsing their candidates. Other candidates will even use emotional attack just to get the sympathy of the people. Others let the people search for laws or bills that a certain candidate had authored. Some do their common “tao” ways like riding on tricycles, walking down the streets and talking to the public. There was even one senator who greeted his brother on air trying to discreetly mention two people who are running for certain positions but he avoided mentioning names to avoid electioneering.

It is not only senators who have these kinds of drama just to get the votes of the people. Who could not forget the Binay Saga? From the dark- skinned joke positively accepted by Sen. Nancy Binay that made her famous to the people up to the brouhaha that happened between the Binay siblings in Makati City. It was like again watching a teleserye complete with drama, action and comedy when the two siblings were bickering like children inside the house of God. But you know what, a Binay will still win. No matter what happens blood is still thicker than water so the two will surely kiss and make up after the election. However, because of the squabbling of the Binays, netizens even created memes for them which turned out to be an advantage on their part because they became the talk of the town. Politics is indeed a teleserye where the protagonist and antagonist are present.

We must not also forget the teleserye of the partylist system. There are so many partylist candidates that I am surprised they even exist. I was stunned when I saw an advertisement of a certain partylist whose name was taken from a teleserye that is up to now showing on primetime slot. There are so many partylists that will surely confuse people whom to vote. Try to imagine there are 134 partylists vying for this 2019 elections. And then it will surely be followed with another saga of “dinaya kami” from those who will not be lucky enough to have an office after the elections.

Such saga extends to those candidates who believe that they are sure win based on the surveys gathered before the elections and yet lose in the final counting. When they lose, protests will pour in, interviews will be everywhere claiming that there was “dagdag-bawas” operation and so on with infinite reasons. Again, it is like watching a teleserye where the politicians are clamoring for the prime time slots to get the attention of the masses and afterwards aiming for the major awards. All I can say is “abangan ang susunod na kabanata.”


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