Ombion: State should control public service utilities

Ombion: State should control public service utilities

THE argument of the private capitalist corporations that the taking over of public service utilities like water, power, transportation and communication would improve services and increase the stability and sustainability of the service firms is nothing but a big lie.

And the state privatization of its vital public service utilities as mentioned would ease its burden so it can focus on more important public concerns is even a big lie.

The private corporations have no legal, moral, or economic responsibility to manage public services because it runs counter to their basic nature and purpose – rake profits and super profits.

Even those who claim to exercise their corporate social responsibility (CSR) are doing essentially the same except that they use CSR to paint a human face, the image of a capitalist with conscience, to their ravenous character a more human face, capitalist with conscience.

Look at what happened to vital government service utilities, water districts, the energy sector, transportation and communication, and banks, among others, that were handed over by the state to private capitalist corporations. The costs of their services and the price of water, power, etc have increased several folds, and services turned poorer. I need not mention who these are, just ask people on the streets.

The state on the other hand is lying in its arguments on privatization because the fact is it has all the moral, legal, financial, technical, and military powers and capacities to manage, deliver and develop public service utilities.

Its chief reason for its privatization policy and campaign is that numerous of its legislative and executive officials are either shadow owners or have big stakes in those private corporations and properties. And as legislators, they have to make and enforce laws and policies that favor their corporate interests or whose stakeholder-ship would grow while in power.

The state has all the innate capabilities to be strong, make services more efficient and affordable, control and regulate market forces, and most importantly, raise from economic backwardness to one that is industrialized, food secure, and sufficient, and can defend itself from foreign intervention.

Unfortunately, the state that we have is a weak state, a state where most of its leaders are there not to make it stronger in serving the people, and building the nation, but to use the state for its vested interests. They could not care less what happen to the people they vow to serve, so long as their families and dynasties grow at the expense of public interests.

The case of Ceneco, now under threat from private corporate takeover, is a matter of important decision for the state to defend, and for its consumers to unite and fight to make it a genuinely publicly owned and managed power cooperative.


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