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PrimeWater faces P2.4M penalty if fails to meet promise of uninterrupted water supply

If the PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp. (PWIC) fails to meet the 24/7 uninterrupted water supply, they will be fined six percent of their performance bond which amounts to P2.4 million, Bacolod City Mayor Alfredo Benitez said Tuesday, April 30.

Benitez said that based on the contract of Bacolod City Water District (Baciwa) and PrimeWater, it stated that within five years, from November 30, 2020, PrimeWater shall ensure that all consumers enjoy uninterrupted 24-hour water supply by the end of the second year.

“If they fail to deliver their commitment or what they have promised to us, they will be penalized P2.4 million and if it will be divided to all the consumers, which is at least 70,000 consumers, they will get P34,” he said.

He added that Baciwa already informed PrimeWater about their penalty.

The mayor noted that on April 28, 2024, PrimeWater also submitted its accomplishments and plans in the city.

In 2020, Baciwa signed a 25-year joint venture agreement (JVA) with PrimeWater for the management and development of the water district. PrimeWater also promised to utilize a total of P6.8 billion in terms of projects.

PWIC said they acknowledged the significant water challenges experienced by the concessionaires and the inconvenience these may cause to the local community.

“As a responsible water service provider, we are committed to addressing these issues by exploring measures and implementing targeted solutions to improve water supply, quality, and security in the city,” they said.

They added that they already have an additional water volume of 5.3 megaliters per day (MLD), existing five water trucks for water rationing with a total of 53 cum capacity which served 12 areas and delivered 388,000 liters as of April 27, 2024.

PWIC also has an ongoing distribution of 24 storage tanks to 12 barangays identified with zero to four-hour water availability.

It also engaged in collaborative efforts with key water concerned agencies to enhance bulk water services in the locality. They signed a contract with Home Invest Holdings, Inc. for the Bocal-Bocal Spring initiative that will help improve the water availability on the North side, and negotiated a contract with Bacolod Bulk Water, Inc. (BBWI) on the BBWI Injection Point 2 initiative that will help improve the water availability on the South side.

PWIC disclosed that they will continue to explore innovative solutions, invest in sustainable infrastructure, and prioritize the needs of the customers to ensure the provision of water services for all.

Moreover, the mayor also asked PWIC to submit a water security plan.*

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