‘Project UNLOCKED’ empowers teens overcome fears post-pandemic

USLS AB Communication senior Rizzel Dane Dimaymay, project proponent of Project UNLOCKED
USLS AB Communication senior Rizzel Dane Dimaymay, project proponent of Project UNLOCKEDCONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Project UNLOCKED team with participants
Project UNLOCKED team with participantsCONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Amidst the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, teenagers in Bacolod City found themselves grappling with profound uncertainties and fears.

The prolonged lockdown had stripped them of essential social connections, exploration opportunities, and self-discovery experiences, leaving many feeling isolated and disheartened.

Recognizing the critical need for support and empowerment, Project UNLOCKED emerged as a beacon of hope, dedicated to fostering resilience and courage among lockdown-impacted teenagers.

Led by the visionary Rizzel Dane Dimaymay, a 22-year-old AB Communication graduating student at the University of St. La Salle, Project UNLOCKED aims to bridge the gap created by the pandemic by providing comprehensive support and empowerment to teenagers of Purok Mahimaya-on, Brgy. Bata in Bacolod City.

With three years of experience as a Youth Coordinator at a local church and 14 years as an ambassador of a non-profit organization, Rizzel brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the initiative.

The Courage Quest event which was held on April 9,2024, served as a powerful testament to the resilience and strength inherent within every adolescent.

The event brought together teenagers from the community to connect, learn, and grow.

Led by esteemed youth leader Lilia Grace Templado and a guidance associate Desirie Tiberio, the Courage Quest delved deep into the realms of courage and resilience, offering participants valuable insights and inspiration.

Throughout the event, teenagers engaged in a series of interactive activities designed to foster personal growth and self-discovery.

From reflecting on their resilience journey since 2020 to envisioning a future filled with courage and determination, participants embraced the opportunity to confront their fears and doubts head-on.

One of the highlights of the Courage Quest event was the Courage Commitment exercise, where teenagers penned down their aspirations and action plans to overcome their fears and doubts.

The success of the Courage Quest event underscores the transformative impact of Project UNLOCKED in empowering lockdown-impacted teens.

Through community engagement and meaningful interactions, Project UNLOCKED continues its mission to unlock the potential of teenagers and nurture a generation of courageous leaders.

As Bacolod City navigates the post-lockdown landscape, initiatives like Project UNLOCKED serve as beacons of hope, inspiring resilience, and fostering a sense of community among adolescents.

With the unwavering dedication of individuals like Dimaymay and the support of the local community, Project UNLOCKED remains committed to empowering teenagers to thrive in the face of adversity. As we look towards the future, let us continue to stand together, united in our mission to build a brighter, more courageous world for generations to come.

Support this project and learn more about its work on the Project UNLOCKED Facebook page. (PR)


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