Sancho urges Congress to approve P100 wage increase

Wennie Sancho
Wennie SanchoFile

General Alliance of Workers Association (Gawa) secretary-general Wennie Sancho urged the House of Representatives to approve the P100 wage increase in the private sector as the country observes International Labor Day on Wednesday, May 1.

Sancho said that in February, the Senate already approved, on final reading, the bill seeking to hike the salary of workers in the private sector by P100.

“So far, there’s nothing significant that the workers should expect from the government considering the fact that the P100 wage increase, which was approved by the Senate, is now unacted by the Congress,” he said.

He added that they only give hope to the workers to receive a wage increase, but until now there’s nothing.

“During Labor Day, we praise the workers, but they are exploited for the rest of the year because of inflation and unabated increases in the price of basic goods and services,” Sancho said.

He said the minimum wage could no longer cope with the basic needs of the family because of the deterioration of the workers purchasing power and the erosion of the real value of pesos.

“For me, it’s hard to get the approval of the House of Representatives because most of them are businessmen,” he added.

Sancho disclosed that it’s the right time to implement the wage increase because the minimum wage can no longer support the needs of the workers family.

Moreover, Sancho also supported the call of the traditional jeepney drivers to stop the implementation of the Public Utility Jeepney Modernization Program (PUVMP).

“We are with them because they are also workers and they will lose their job to support their family,” Sancho said.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. earlier announced that the government will not grant another deadline extension for franchise consolidation under the public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program.

He said the traditional jeepney drivers have only until April 30, to form cooperatives or corporations for them to be allowed to operate.

Sancho said the consolidation should be voluntary, and it should not be forced upon the people who believe that they have the right on their own to form an association aside from submitting themselves forcibly to a cooperative.

He said the local government unit should also provide assistance to the drivers who will lose their jobs so they can support their families.*


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