SECURE NEGROS| 3 bishops back Capitol's campaign on renewable energy

Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson led the launching of the SeCURE Negros Campaign-Ensuring Power Security with Renewable Energy at the Capitol Social Hall in Bacolod City on Monday, February 5.
Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson led the launching of the SeCURE Negros Campaign-Ensuring Power Security with Renewable Energy at the Capitol Social Hall in Bacolod City on Monday, February 5. Capitol PIO photo

Three bishops in Negros are backing the campaign of the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental on renewable energy.

"We, the undersigned Bishops with territorial jurisdiction within the Province of Negros Occidental, in our commitment to stewardship of God's creation and in alignment with the social teachings of the Catholic Church, hereby express our united support for the Provincial Government's SecuRE Negros Program which aims to ensure the just energy transition and increase the energy security of the Province of Negros Occidental," Bishops Patricio Buzon of Bacolod Diocese, Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos Diocese, and Louie Galbines of Kabankalan Diocese said in a collegial statement Tuesday, February 6.

"This initiative represents a significant step forward in establishing a renewable energy roadmap for our beloved province,” they said, adding, “As shepherds of our respective dioceses, we recognize the urgency of addressing environmental degradation and the adverse effects of climate change, which disproportionately affect the poor and vulnerable among us. The earth, our common home, has been entrusted to us by the Creator, and it is our shared responsibility to safeguard its integrity for present and future generations."

In a solid move to address the climate and energy

crises, Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson led the launching of the SeCURE Negros Campaign-Ensuring Power Security with Renewable Energy at the Capitol Social Hall in Bacolod City on Monday, February 5.

The bishops said that Capitol’s SecuRE Program, with its focus on sustainable and renewable energy sources, aligns with their call to care for creation and live out their faith in action.

“The transition to renewable energy is not only an environmental imperative but also a moral one. It speaks directly to our commitment to social justice, reducing inequalities, and ensuring that the benefits of development reach all members of society, especially the least among us. By supporting the SecuRE Program, we are advocating for policies that prioritize the common good, respect for human dignity, and the promotion of a more equitable society,” they further said.

The bishops said they pledge to work alongside the Provincial Government, local communities, and all stakeholders in the implementation of the SecuRE Negros Program. “We commit ourselves to raise awareness about the importance of renewable energy, to mobilize our respective dioceses in support of sustainable initiatives, and to advocate for the integration of moral and ethical considerations in the development of energy policies," the three bishops also emphasized.

"We call upon the faithful and all people of goodwill in Negros to join us in supporting the SecuRE Negros Program. Let us work together in harmony and with resolute purpose to achieve a just energy transition that respects our common home, promotes the well-being of every inhabitant of our province, and bears witness to our faith in a God who calls us to protect and cherish the gift of creation. May this unity statement serve as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and our collective efforts towards a sustainable future for Negros," they added.

During the program launch on Monday, Lacson emphasized the vital role of renewable energy in ensuring power security.

The SecuRE Negros Campaign signifies Negros Occidental's steadfast commitment to securing its energy future

through the transformative power of renewable energy, he said.

Focused on establishing reliable energy systems, the campaign aims not only to champion accessibility, and sustainability but also affordability, and ensure power security in the face of global challenges, he said.

He added the campaign underscores the economic, political, and environmental advantages of transitioning to distributed energy systems (DES) using renewable energy sources.

Technologically and financially feasible and environmentally responsible, renewable energy attracts investments, lowers long-term energy costs, and fosters job creation, contributing to the province's economic growth, the governor said.

Moreover, the shift to cleaner energy sources catalyzes innovation in related industries, fostering economic diversification and growth, he said.

Lacson also highlighted the importance of government commitment and policies, stating, "the road may be long, but it will be bright if we all work together to make our province truly the Renewable Energy Capital of the Philippines."

Negros Occidental, already a top producer of solar electricity in the country, can become a model for sustainable energy practices, he said.

The province hosts five solar power tims operating six plants, with the Solar Farm in Cadiz City being Southeast Asia's largest solar farm, generating a remarkable 132.5 megawatts of power

The SecuRE Negros campaign leverages multi-stakeholder engagement strategies for a just transition, emphasizing that the adoption of renewable energy empowers all stakeholders in the province, he said, adding that this is both an investment in future generations and an express commitment to climate action, mitigating the impacts of climate and energy crisis.*


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