SWS: Aquino's satisfaction score falls in September

MANILA -- Satisfaction with President Benigno Aquino III fell 15 points in September compared to June, according to a new survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS).

In its September 20-23 survey, the SWS said Aquino got a net satisfaction rating of +49 with 68 percent satisfied with his performance and 19 percent dissatisfied.

The +49 was considered "good," compared to a "very good" +64 in June, the pollster added.

But the SWS said that while this was the fourth time Aquino's score dipped below +50 since 2010, Aquino rebounded last year from a “good” +42 in May to a “very good” +67 in August.

At the time the survey was conducted, Moro National Liberation Front fighters tried to enter Zamboanga City, though they were ousted by government forces.

During September, outrage over the pork barrel scam also continued.

The SWS considers net satisfaction scores of +70 and above as “excellent;" +50 to +69 as “very good;" +30 to +49 as “good;" +10 to +29 as“moderate," +9 to -9 as “neutral;" -10 to -29 as “poor;" -30 to -49 as “bad;" -50 to -69 as “very bad;" and -70 and below as “execrable."

The survey showed Aquino’s net satisfaction ratings fell across all areas, socioeconomic classes and gender, though the figures did not fall below “good.”

Aquino's rating suffered a 26-point fall in the Visayas, from +74 (excellent) to +48 (good). His score remained at a “very good” +52 in Mindanao, and in Balance Luzon.

His score in Metro Manila also declined to +38, or "good."

Aquino's rural net satisfaction fell to +52 (very good) from +70 (excellent). His urban net satisfaction fell from a "very good" +57 to a “good” +47, SWS added.

Among the socio-economic groups ABC, Aquino's score fell by 20 points to a “very good” +55 from an “excellent” +75 in June. His net rating among the D ("masa") fell by 10 points to +52.

It fell to a record low of +39 (“good”) among Class E.

Meanwhile, Aquino’s rating was at +50 or “very good” among women, 13 points below his score in June.

Among men, his score was +48 (good), 16 points below that in June. (JK/Sunnex)


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