USLS Comm senior student takes on creativity burnout in advocacy

USLS Comm senior student takes on creativity burnout in advocacy


Graduating Communication student, Zack Verzosa, is advocating for young creative writers to overcome and win the struggle against creative burnout with the project name UPOS.

“These creative writers have been extinguished by external pressures and the fast-paced community, causing the fire of their own creativity to dwindle with societal conflict, thus impacting their work, social life, mental health, and overall vision in life,” said Verzosa, a 4th Year Communication student at the University of St. La Salle.

Many underestimate the effect of creative burnout on writers, some considering it as “overacting” because writers can simply rest and write, but it is more than that, Verzosa said.

“Creative burnout diminishes the writer’s self-worth, hindering them from writing creatively and passionately, and making writing more of an obligation and responsibility,” he said.

The main focus of this advocacy is the Bacolod youth creative writers from different fields who are struggling with creative burnout. 

UPOS will help writers navigate their own selves through the dark labyrinth as they overcome their own struggle in creative burnout. 

The UPOS advocacy campaign will take place throughout the whole month of April, in coordination with the celebration of the National Literature Month.

Those interested in the project can contact through the Facebook Page, and there will also be a podcast release on Spotify.

In collaboration with local artists, psychology graduates, and creatives of Bacolod City, UPOS will guide burnout writers and reignite their own creativity. (PR)

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