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SunStar Aguilar
SunStar AguilarOn the road with Doh

Power and influence only find meaning when they are used to protect the weak. But the moment power and influence are used to stand ground to cover a wrong and worse when the wronged ones are the weaker, then such powers are seen as utter arrogance and misplaced ego.

Such display of entitlement can dim the light even of the brightest of stars. The reason being is that with all other forms of social leverage, the power of influence by the so called “public figures” is a privilege of which charm ultimately rests upon the public. And we have seen time and again how fickle the public sentiment can be.

History would also have it that no amount of money or connections can stand against public opinion, that is also why influencers and celebrities are coveted  in any industry because they have the favor of the collective mass.

I raised this issue in response to Vice Ganda’s pronouncement that he does not intend to apologize to “It’s Showtime” searchee Axel, whom he called out for supposedly trying to kiss searcher Christine on the cheek without asking for her consent.

This incident happened during their  May 31 episode.

Initially the sentiments of Madlang People were divided but an uproar of bashing came after Vice retracted his apology justifying that his intention was good and that it was how it appeared from where he was at that moment.

Given that it was an honest mistake, the retraction was seen as a coverup of a lapse of judgement by a powerful individual to a “not so good looking” ordinary man with very unrefined speech and demeanor, someone whom most of the Madlang People can identify themselves with.

Fact check, an ordinary man was humiliated in national tv by a remark of someone very influential over something he was not guilty of. Whether the intention of the offender was good, an apology is clearly called for.  The said apology would have been seen as a likable and lovable trait of a superstar to his fans for putting the feelings and the wellbeing of the faceless and the nameless Madlang People above his, had he not retracted it. Sadly the retraction is now perceived as pure arrogance of someone with a belief that an apology to a mere mortal is way below one’s status, anyway the incident was justifiable.

That said, there are a few lessons we can learn from this incident, to wit;

1. For influencers and public figures, your loyalty first should be with the people you serve or entertain in the case of Vice. It is not an option because it is an implied covenant with the public when they afford you such status.

2. Power finds its purpose when it is used to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Those in power have the responsibility to be more discerning in exercising such. When in doubt, favor the poorer and the weaker, that way you will never go wrong.

3. Any form of justification is a show of arrogance and entitlement, unless you are up against someone of higher status than you, and in that case you will be seen as an underdog, and the masses by default will be your strongest backup.

Interestingly, I am a Vice Ganda fan, his jokes got me through dark times and so I am rooting for him to rise above the occasion and finally give Axel and the Madlang People his sincerest apology.


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