‘Victim blaming’ in domestic violence tackled in advocacy project

‘Victim blaming’ in domestic violence tackled in advocacy project

Bruises are often seen as a mark of weakness, but Purple Mark redefines them as a symbol of resilience and courage for domestic violence survivors.

This advocacy uses the color purple to not only stand in solidarity but also to dismantle the stigma of victim-blaming.

Purple Mark by Phoebe Daidoji Jabonete, a 4th year Communication student at the University of St. La Salle, goes beyond raising awareness.

This advocacy empowers young adults by providing educational seminars.

The recent workshop, "Beyond the Bruises" with Atty. Garde and Kagawad Tamayo and "Shattering the Silence” with J-Ann Somoria-Rana of CAMELEON Association Inc. Philippines, along with the support of Zonta Club of Bacolod, tackled legal aspects, common myths, and how to handle abuse cases.

"Your Voice, Your Power" with Ceprelyn Benignos, RPsy, and Dr. Edwin Miraflor, Jr. from the Bacolod City Health Office delved deeper into identifying red flags and building healthy relationships.

These seminars equip young adults to become the backbone of a supportive community. They learn to actively listen, communicate effectively, and prevent future abusive behaviors.

Purple Mark understands the power of a united voice. The advocacy urges young adults to break the silence surrounding domestic violence and stand with survivors.

By speaking out against victim-blaming and advocating for accountability, we can create a safe space for healing and change.

Join Purple Mark in rewriting the narrative. We can make a difference by speaking out, challenging the status quo, and supporting survivors.

Remember, domestic violence is never the victim's fault. Be the change. Make your mark. (PR)


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