Village chiefs told to submit report on tricycles, e-bikes

(Gikan sa Cebu City Transportation Office Facebook page)
(Gikan sa Cebu City Transportation Office Facebook page)

Bacolod City Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez has ordered all the village chiefs to submit the total number of tricycles and electric-bikes (e-bike) operating within their areas of jurisdiction.

Benitez said the village chiefs were given a responsibility to report the exact number of units of tricycles and e-bikes, including their routes operating in their barangays.

He said the barangay should also submit their suggested tariff for tricycles and e-bikes.

"As what I've said, the city is not here to make money out of this, it is really just to regulate them," he added.

The mayor noted that the barangays should submit their report by May 15.

Benitez said the city should have guidelines and policies so that there is a proper regulation to protect the industry, and operators and to ensure that there's no traffic and the safety of the riding public.

He said most of the tricycles and e-bikes were operating without business permits and driver's licenses.

He added that he would issue an executive order to regulate the operation of tricycles and e-bikes.

The mayor will also expedite the formulation of policies and guidelines so that they will be implemented immediately in the city.*


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