Bautista: PAL golf

I HAVEN’T been playing golf as much and not for some time. Work and travel gets me first. I have given up on my share in the other golf club. A waste of money for dues and seldom a visit anyway to it. My own family won’t ever step foot on it anyway so why bother. No hard feelings here.

There was a time when I would want to have a golf share for it. A trip down to Manila just to join an auction for a share. I get one. Another was when it was offered to me for a relatively good price, something I can’t refuse. That was then. As I said no hard feelings since I got them fairly cheap.

Time too was when we were pals for it. I did sit in the House Committee. As city mayor, I would in fact find and help in making solutions for the golf club to prosper and do well. Problems solved and issues abated. That was then.

Soon after when I was not in the public eye anymore, pals were we no more. Concessions were mere or never. A listening ear was not heard from them then on. I would move on, no problem. As I mentioned I don’t find the will for it anyway. The trails around the golf course were more enticing, running or biking around it was more fun especially with my pal, Mochi the bull terrier.

Today with some golf pals, real pals, I am invited to go back and enjoy playing golf once more. I am encouraged to get back and play more often. I guess this time I find some time now that work and load is friendlier for my schedules.

But it is actually getting back to playing more competitively. A practice more often and more serious. I won’t mind. I did play competitively before. But that was then. Today it is mostly recreational and for the fun of it plus food and drinks after. Losing money at times, not often.

For the second consecutive year I have been invited to play for Baguio Country Club, my home club for half a century. Yes I am proud. For the second straight year, I get to play in the PAL Interclub. It has for the last 72 years continued to bring golf clubs around the world to play against each other, play with pals.

My pals for this asked me this second time to join them. Despite heavy schedules from work, I was forced to join my pals. As early as last year they made reservations for it, I have no choice. Pals indeed.

In previous years I would always find myself busy and in the company of Mom and Dad abroad for Asean Jaycees Senate. Only recently has my Dad slowed down a bit from it. He is a Past President already. Also time and age will force Juan to slow down. For this I find myself some time with pals for PAL Interclub.

Despite my non-golf, my pals just make me do so. They force me. Some pals they are. In fact it is always the first time that is hardest since a newbie will have to play with a zero handicap. That’s very far from me. I don’t play golf in fact.

Well I just join my pals for it, the fun part was the best since we went out to taste what Bacolod has to offer. The only reason for me to join my pals. I have so many pals in Negros, mayors from the area are all pals of mine. A trip there is always fun for me.

It was Cebu this time on. Again from Clark, we fly to Cebu. For each PAL golf it is required that all participants take PAL and no other. At least from Clark it just takes a two-hour ride from Baguio for it. It is also always cheaper than one from NAIA anytime, less the hassle of course from the Metro. No lines in this airport. Probably the reason why I might have joined this PAL golf with my pals.


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