Weygan-Allan: What has been done?

TODAY, my Bible reflection was the Great Commission found in the book of Matthew on the last chapter, basically the last three verses of the book. Jesus said "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

In my earlier life, I have been a cross-culture missionary where I have seen changed lives and changed communities as the Word of God is preached in the communities. I have been to the Igorotlandia, Palawan, South Korea before I was based in Nepal for five years. And after that five years, I have been to various countries in Asia doing pastoral cross-culture missions. It is amazing what God is doing and more amazing how miracles were revealed right before my eyes.

So what am I doing in public service? I asked the same question. And some revelation has it that the city is also a mission field, and the time is now. But recently, as I see the changed leadership, I asked the question "what has been done in the past?" why are the decade ago plans, being implemented or resurrected or revisited at the present times. What has been done? In my committee alone, we have been resurrecting legislation of the past, that are supportive of developmental projects of the city, however, the same unsettled issues of the past keep harping and impeding the implementation of a better Baguio.

I believe a concerted effort is a key factor in the accomplishment of the development projects and programs of the city. But many times I am amazed how government cannot defend itself from illegal settlers and protect its property.

Just some examples I personally encountered, there was a road concreting connecting Magsaysay and T Alonzo, in the first place it seems irrelevant at this time since T. Alonzo became one way going up not like in the past where it was two way and the connecting road was very busy. This was a project five years ago which only got implemented last year, of the other reasons, one was the blockages caused by an illegal store structure placed by the barangay as a fundraising activity.

Another is a road construction connecting the upper Market and the Hilltop entrance. This will make give a two-way traffic for Hilltop market, yet it cannot be bid out and of the numerous reasons, one is a blockage at the entrance from the upper market barangay. According to hearsay, it was placed by a previous barangay official which started with a payong, then a stall then now a concrete structure.

Moving to other areas, the Camp 7 city project has not taken off for many years as there are numerous claimants to the property. For many decades the battle rages, the present new set of leadership seems to be faced with issues which have been left unraveled and settled by years gone by. The public market in Gibraltar which was permitted by the city to start a paying, tent, and market, now some areas converted into tenements are refusing to give back to the city even when there has been a lot of consultation and planning sessions, even with those who know that it is not their lot, have now refused to give back to the city. I await results of what this new leadership could do to stop the long agony of being bonded to the mercy of illegal structures.

Walang ipin ang batas, walang kakayanan ang siyudad na ipagtanggol ang kanyang Karapatan sa kanyang kaarian.

Though some of these properties are in the name of the city, the years of neglect have become the norm and truth. But what is wrong can never be right and what is right shall prevail.


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