Martial arts in the military

THE military is considered as the first and last line of defense.

Amidst the ongoing modernization in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, it cannot be denied that the best asset are still its men and women who serve as frontliners in times of war and peace.

The advancement of technology and the innovation in warfare somehow changed the landscape of the threat that every country is facing, but no matter how technology invades the armed forces, it cannot be denied that the stability of its military power still relies on its personnel.

This is the reason why each and every men and women must be trained with martial arts.

In the military’s line of work, danger is always on their tail not only for themselves, their family and love ones but also to their country.

In case of danger, they cannot just draw their weapon.

This is where martial arts is essential. A trained military martial artist does not necessarily need to draw a weapon to defend or protect. His skill in martial arts is more than enough to handle the situation.

During this kinds of scenarios, we assume the trained military martial artist fights the aggressor with his skills.

The first defense of a true military martial artists is his calmness and his ability to negotiate and extend the understanding that he can help if the attacker is willing to talk.

In worst cases, the military martial artists has already assessed his next move to subdue the attacker without taking his life and causing harm to others.

We must understand that people have their reasons for doing things. If one is trained in martial arts, he learns to be calm, and calmness always brings down tension and, most of the time, solves problems.

Martial arts essence for the military is not just being physically combat-ready but also psychologically and emotionally prepared to battle for peace, which makes fighting the war a last resort.


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