PMA indoor obstacle course

AN OBSTACLE course is a series of challenging physical obstacles that are navigated, usually while being timed.

In the military, obstacles are usually to challenge soldiers of the tactical movement they will use in combat, as well as for physical training, building teamwork, and evaluating problem-solving skills.

Obstacle courses may include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming and balancing essentials with the aim of testing speed, endurance and agility, as well as the resilience and fighting spirit to solve and finish the course.

Just recently, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) installed the first indoor obstacle course inside the training institution through PMA stakeholders, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the PMA superintendent guidance to provide the cadets scientific training on their sports and physical development.

The course is meant to benchmark a scientific strength and conditioning program to address the physical fitness requirements of the cadets, a welcome development that would transform the physical fitness landscape of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP).

Under the leadership of Commander Ronald Juan, Lieutenant Sherwin Siguenza and Ensign Mary Pauline Fornea, the Sports and Physical Development Unit’s (SPDU) athletic director, executive and admin officer, respectively, together with the whole SPDU faculty and enlisted personnel is in route to finding ways to revolutionize the physical development program of the PMA CCAFP amidst the pandemic.

Leaders are honed best during challenging circumstances, pushing and moving through obstacles exhume the true warrior spirit.

Equipped with a facility like the indoor obstacle course, training institutions like the PMA are given the upper hand to create physical fitness programs to cater to the needs of the CCAFP that would, hopefully, prepare them to face the environment they would probably encounter.

The principle of an obstacle course is simple, conquer or be conquered, quitting is not an option, every obstacle traversed is a won battle, completing/ finishing the course is a won war.


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