Vinluan: What about sports?

GAMES and sports, whether competitive or not, may be great fun - but not many are recommended by physical fitness experts as a means of developing endurance and strength. People think that once engaged in sports, it contributes to their total physical wellbeing.

Sports do contribute to physical wellbeing, but not the general holistic components of physical fitness like the development of strength and endurance. The problem with most sports is that activity is sporadic and does not provide the continuous, rhythmic activity that strengthens heart and lung action or promotes muscle flexibility, exertion in most games and sports is merely incidental to practicing a skill.

Although some sports contribute little to physical fitness, like golf, archery, bowling etc., they are desirable for relaxation, enjoyment, and relief of stress. Others like soccer are almost too strenuous unless played three times a week.

Most people seek to participate in sports, however, should do some physical training for the game rather than expecting the game to provide the training for them. People when engaging in sports, don’t just run out on a field and play, they should have to undergo a conditioning program as a preparation for the body to gain strength and endurance, and flexibility.

As a preparation for cardiovascular training activity as running or jogging, the function of warm-up exercises also is to help meet the increased demand of oxygen by the heart, lungs, and active muscles. In body conditioning programs principles and sequences are also to be followed to be able to accomplish the desired health results.

As a prerequisite to playing games and or sports a conditioned body may be your secret weapon the next time you join a basketball game or any sports game, because one of the great benefits of body conditioning comes with becoming more adept with your favorite sports, as you practice particular skills you need to be better in your sports and performance.


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