Luczon: Renewed era

IT IS of great honor and privilege to have written under this column with a refreshed, renewed perspective.

Like other SunStar affiliates from other regions, SunStar Cagayan de Oro, too, finally has the time to transform. And of course, it is not only just a mere change of look, but it’s a symbol of reaffirming public service through journalism using a fluid platform - that means, it is not only about newspapering, but converging the traditions of print to the digital media.

As transformations are part of an ever-changing landscape, it is still important to acknowledge things that contributed to these transformations. It is without challenges met, and struggles that needed to hurdle.

Along with these changes, the events that unfold in our society and the community where the newspaper has thrived for 24 years are part of the milestones. Some events were worth remembering forever, from the tides of politics, horrors of disasters and mishaps; to the joys and spectacles of victories and celebrations.

And as humans as we are, also come imperfections and missed opportunities that we have to dealt with remorse, but often times a motivation to stand up with our feet again. Moving forward.

Again, history is always relevant, current events are forefront of it all and we are mere spectators... or the ones who intervenes.

It is also important to acknowledge the past works and hardships of previous editors, production staff, and managers who ran the paper. They once led the way, and had it not with them, there would be no directions to tread.

Celebration may be in order but shortly we will be back to be working again.

In the meantime, we are currently dancing to the beat of internet-based technologies. But we all know that there will be another era that supersedes what we are enjoying now, and we can’t be too complacent.


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