Sia: No. You’re not supposed to forget things like that

My memory ain’t what it used to be.

There was a time when I knew by heart things like historical dates and the periodic table of elements.

That all changed, however, when in early December 2018 the propped-open trunk lid of our old Mazda Astina gave in to gravity and conked me squarely on the crown of my head while I was reaching into the trunk to retrieve something heavy.

Long story short, it hurt the way I remember – not just the way I recall things I already know, but even how I try to commit to memory things I ought to keep in mind. It wasn’t so bad that I needed to be rushed to the hospital afterward, but bad enough that I can’t remember for the life of me what it was I was trying to take out of the trunk back then, hard as I try.

For some time following that incident – a few months, I think – remembering things wasn’t as easy as before. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a matter of classroom learning, but it goes without saying that one does not learn the things that really matter in life just by attending lecture after lecture or reading book after book after book.

And when it comes to one’s love life, the things that really matter tend to be the little things that we denizens of the modern world tend to take for granted. For instance, the date of one’s first date (yes, that pun was intended). Not just the date, but the circumstantial details as well: where it was the two of you agreed to meet, what time it was when you did, who arrived late, who ordered what beverage, the things the two of you talked about, and so on.

It goes without saying that if the guy and the girl in a relationship really cared for one another, they’d be able to recite those particulars on demand or, failing that, at least make a wholehearted attempt to remember as many details as they could.

However – while it’s fine and forgivable for people to forget all the other details over time, human as we all are, they must make it a point to remember what day it was exactly when the important relationship event took place, be it the day of your first date, or the day of your wedding.

Especially the day of your wedding.

In the latest episode of Jinkee Pacquiao’s vlog, the Pacquiao couple played a game in which their children quizzed them on how well they knew one another. Manny and Jinkee had to answer, independent of one another, questions pertaining to their relationship.

“When is your wedding anniversary?” asked their daughter, Mary.

The answer Jinkee gave was May 9, 2000 – the correct answer.

The answer Manny gave was May 9, 1999. Oopsie!

While this is very low-hanging fruit when it comes to making assumptions about the Pacquiaos, I would rather give Manny the benefit of the doubt and believe that he didn’t mean to forget a date as important as one’s own birthday. After all, he has been for the longest time a professional boxer who’s taken more hits to the head than most of us will ever have (and hopefully never will).

But what about other people whose heads are still working perfectly fine? One friend who just got married posted about how his new bride, formerly his longtime girlfriend, almost lost her ring just as they were about to fly out of Laguindingan Airport.

Wanting to be a good bro (most days I’m not), I got in touch with him as soon as I read that post and told him that he almost losing the ring wasn’t a good sign. I also pointed out that she hasn’t changed her last name to his yet. Aren’t new wives supposed to be excited about taking the names (and independence) of their men? Nevertheless, he assured me that she’s just a little forgetful, and not to worry about them too much.

Okay, then. I suppose he’s right. But just because honest mistakes happen all the time doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be careful about things like that. After all, what is being careful, if not showing the one you love that you are “full of care” for their sake?


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