5 best places to run in Metro Cebu

5 best places to run in Metro Cebu

It’s never too late to dust off those running shoes tucked away in your shoe rack. Fitness is a lifelong commitment, and in Cebu, it’s an experience intertwined with nature’s splendor. While navigating through Cebu’s notorious traffic might seem daunting, there are plenty of spots in the city where you can lace up and hit the road stress-free.

As we dive into what’s best, let’s not forget to add the insights from those who excel in their own fields. Ed Vincent Flores, hailed as the best setter in the recent Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. Volleyball Finals, shared his favorite running spots to build up his endurance and mental strength.

Cebu Business Park (back of Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción-Cebu)

Cebu Business Park is a go-to spot for Ed’s exercise routine, thanks to its peaceful, green environment and lack of crowds. Its spacious green areas and calm atmosphere provide an ideal setting for a refreshing run.

Here, amid the greenery and open pathways, runners like Ed feel a sense of liberation and freedom. The quiet surroundings make it easy to clear the mind and enjoy a rejuvenating run. Plus, CBP’s well-maintained pathways ensure a smooth and safe workout experience, with minimal uneven surfaces.

City Di Mare

Just like in Ayala, this spot is also a favorite of Ed’s, as it offers a tranquil setting free from noise and boasts vast open spaces. Cyclists and runners alike frequent this area for its vast array of interconnected roads and easy accessibility. Its lack of crowds allows joggers and runners to maintain their pace and focus more effectively.

A loop in this area measures one kilometer, providing a convenient marker for tracking progress, setting goals, planning training sessions and evaluating performance.

Fuente Circle

Ed loves running in Fuente because it’s a perfect mix of city vibes and jogging ease. Being right in the city’s heart, it’s super convenient to fit in a run amid the daily hustle. Plus, Fuente’s urban setting means there’s always something interesting to see while jogging, keeping things exciting. And when he’s up for a bit of socializing, Fuente’s central location makes it a great spot for group runs with friends. It’s just a relaxed and enjoyable place to get some exercise amid city life.

Busay (From JY Square to Gaslamp food park)

Ed adores jogging in Busay for its stunning mountain vistas. There’s just something about being up there — literally on top of the world — that’s unbeatable. He can’t get enough of the lush trees and crisp, fresh air that surround him. Plus, mountain running gives runners the ultimate full-body workout, working those muscles and boosting cardiovascular endurance like nothing else.

The natural terrain keeps runners on their toes, helping them forget about any stresses from the day. It’s a mental reset button, leaving runners at peace. Busay has long been a sanctuary where people conquer challenges and push their limits in different physical activities, all while soaking in the beauty of nature.

Cebu City Sports Center (soon to reopen)

Ed singled out the Cebu City Sports Center as one of his top five favorite running spots. Its expansive and well-maintained oval track makes it a go-to destination for seasoned runners and beginners alike. The atmosphere, filled with fellow athletes honing their skills, fosters focus and helps runners avoid distractions.

Hosting the prestigious Palarong Pambansa since the 1990s, the complex has continuously upgraded its facilities and features. Regular upkeep guarantees high-quality equipment and a spotless environment for athletes, leading to its temporary closure today. However, it is poised to reopen soon as it gears up for Pambansang Palaro 2024.


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