9 emerging 5th-generation K-Pop groups to add to your playlist

9 emerging 5th-generation K-Pop groups to add to your playlist

The K-Pop industry is known for its ever-evolving landscape, constantly introducing new talent and trends that captivate audiences worldwide. As we enter a new era of K-Pop, the emergence of fifth-generation groups is reshaping the genre, bringing fresh sounds, styles and personalities to the forefront. These new groups are not only redefining what it means to be an idol but are also influencing the global music scene in unprecedented ways.

From vibrant girl groups to dynamic boy bands, here are new and upcoming fifth-gen K-Pop groups that you absolutely should listen to:

Candy Shop

Brave Entertainment’s Candy Shop is set to debut with a bang, offering a mix of colorful personalities and catchy tunes. Composed of Sui, Sarang, Soram and Yuina, this group promises to bring a youthful and vibrant vibe to the K-Pop scene.

TWS (Twenty Four Seven With Us)

Pledis Entertainment’s TWS is a six-member boy group that made a striking entrance into the K-Pop scene with their debut mini-album Sparkling Blue in January 2024. With a well-strategized introduction, TWS has captured the attention of both fans and critics, making them one of the groups to watch in 2024.

UNIS (Universe is started)

Formed from the SBS K-Pop survival show Universe Ticket, UNIS is a group of eight members: Jin Hyeonju, Nana, Gehlee Dangca, Oh Yoona, Kotoko, Bang Yunha, Elisia and Lim Seowon. With a diverse range of talents and personalities, UNIS is poised to make a splash in the industry.


Muze Entertainment’s new girl group RESCENE will begin their music career this March with their album RESCENE. The girl group comprises five members: Woni, Liv, Minami, May and Zena. Some of the members of RESCENE are already familiar to K-pop fans. Minami participated in MBC’s “My Teenage Girl,” while Zena previously joined the K-Pop reality show “Star Awakening,” adding to the group’s diverse talent and potential.


EDEN Entertainment’s ALL(H)OURS made a striking debut on Jan. 10 with their mini-album All Ours. Their dedication and passion position them as an exciting new presence in the K-Pop scene, showcasing their evolution and versatility as a group.

Fantasy Boys

Emerging from the idol audition show “Fantasy Boys,” this 11-member ensemble quickly rose to fame with their dynamic debut. Their journey from a televised audition to K-Pop stardom showcases their resilience, talent and potential, making them one of the most promising fifth-generation K-Pop groups to watch in 2024.


HYBE’s I’LL-IT is another highly anticipated debut, with members Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha ready to take the stage. Debuting under the label of rising stars, Enhypen, I’LL-IT is expected to bring a fresh and exciting sound to the K-Pop scene.

BXB (Boy By Brush)

BXB, short for Boy By Brush, emerged in the K-Pop scene as a five-member group under Wolfburn, showcasing their evolution and versatility as a group, making them one of the notable fifth generation K-Pop groups to watch in 2024.


RIIZE, a seven-member boy group under SM Entertainment, debuted on Sept. 4, 2023, with its single album Get A Guitar. The group’s name, a blend of “RISE” and “REALIZE,” reflects its ethos of growth and realizing dreams, demonstrating the members’ resilience and potential in the K-Pop industry.


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