A glimpse of Furne Amato's Immaculate Machinations'

A glimpse of Furne Amato's Immaculate Machinations'

JOSEPH ONG / Photographer

Haute Couture is a high form of art that one cannot simply get into without the talent and vision, but Cebuano designer Furne Amato has mastered the craft of elevated fashion to a tee and propelled himself to new heights with his latest fashion show titled, “Immaculate Machinations,” held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino on Oct. 22, 2023.

Cebuano designer Furne Amato has long been a household name and a veteran in the world of haute couture. Widely known for his tasteful fusion of the avant-garde with timeless elegance, Amato cemented his legacy as one of the fashion world’s most innovative designers with his unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections that have garnered international attention and prestigious accolades.

His atelier, “Amato,” which translates to “beloved” in Italian, launched in 2002 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then, the designer has never ceased to show his artistic prowess through series of fashion shows at some of the fashion capitals in the world such as Paris, Milan, New York, London and several other cities. Recently, his works have made their way to the shores of the designer’s hometown, the Queen City of the South. The show was nothing short of extraordinary and mesmerizing as each of the 50 pieces that came on stage fully captivated the audience.

The night was a showcase of a beautiful and playful dance of mischief and art as seen in every ensemble — with the use of unconventional textiles and materials. It’s a trademark that the fashion house proudly displays and executes to perfection. The “Immaculate Machinations” theme predominantly displayed stunning white pieces, emulating the hauntingly enigmatic yet beautiful essence of its theme.

The fashion show presented an exuberant snowy white flair of structured silhouettes, an unapologetic display of furs, a decadent display of pearls, intricately hand sewn beaded patterns, and a gorgeous array of 3D printed headpieces and corsets pushing the boundaries of creativity of Amato’s artistry. Furne also showcased an ample display of gorgeous trains in a variety of textures and adorned with carefully hand sewn beaded patterns. There was also a display of ready-to-wear pieces such as white latex puffer jackets and white tailored trousers.

An ode to the upcoming winter season, perhaps, but it is without question that Amato knows how to present a story — a narrative veiled in utmost glamor and style that renders the viewers into a momentary state of awe and adoration that Furne has grown accustomed to over the years.

Furne has indeed come a long way into becoming one of the most prolific haute couture designers that the fashion world has seen and his latest show is a testament to his unceasing burst of creativity and passion for the craft that he has mastered and redefined, all for the love of style and fashion. Furne Amato’s vision and craftsmanship goes beyond the bounds of human creativity, setting the bar high for aspiring fashion designers to dare to be bold with their creations.


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