A journey, a compass and a grateful heart

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When I started this column in August 2022, it was rather the culmination of a personal struggle; a definitive action to regain the exuberance of rookies. After 15 years in the industry, I now have the opportunity to share with audiences my personal thoughts on certain matters pertaining to the local lifestyle scene.

Writers write for themselves. The moment we concern ourselves with perception, suddenly, walls shoot off the ground; the expanse of the mind, instead, now holds a maze where words are forced in lines.

The nuances are lost among your everyday media consumer. For most people, they lead with the thought that media coverage is nothing but paid space. While advertisements are definitely part and parcel of the business model that sustains publishing companies, there will always be a focus devoted to providing content that’s beautiful, good and, most importantly, true.

And truth be told, Flavor First serves as a compass. Beyond the fanfare and the noise on the internet of what is considered aesthetically pleasing, we dive into the essence of what makes something worth our time and hard-earned money. But of course, healthy splurges are still part of the equation. After all, Flavor First is about savoring life’s experiences with zest and richness.

Please allow me to thank the readers for following this column. Feel free to check me out on Facebook via @influensiiir or shoot me an email via influensiiir@gmail.com. Next, I am grateful to the businesses who have expressed their gratitude after I had written about them, without them knowing that I had planned to do so. I am and will always carry with me the responsibility of sharing the good news among our community.

To all the brands and companies that have me on their guest lists and have invited me to their places of business or events, thank you for your continued trust and support. Finally, this is a shout-out to SunStar Cebu, the platform that binds all these experiences together. I am grateful and excited for what opportunities the future holds.

Happy New Year, everybody!


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