Archdiocese of Cebu stages 'Mga Dula sa Gugma' in efforts to elevate evangelization

Archdiocese of Cebu stages 'Mga Dula sa Gugma' in efforts to elevate evangelization

THE Archdiocese of Cebu elevated its evangelization efforts on Saturday, March 9, 2024, by presenting "Mga Dula sa Gugma" or "Plays on Love," which tackles about exploring the journeys of couples facing trials in their marriages.

“Mga Dula sa Gugma” or “Plays on Love” is a set of four plays that invite viewers to reflect on how love becomes a powerful force in transforming individuals into becoming better persons, as guided by God's unconditional love.

The plays were all written and directed by Monsignor Agustin Ancajas, a priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu who chaired the Archdiocesan Commission on Social Communication, Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod director, and rector of the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in the South Road Properties.

The plays were all staged at the Little Black Box Theater of the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel on March 9.

In an interview after the play, Ancajas said the plays entitled “Kataposang Pagbalik,” “Dolores,” “Both Sides Now,” and “Sa Kahamugaway ug Kapig-ot” were part of the Archdiocese’s evangelization work, in particular, for the married couples who face trials in their marriage lives.

Ancajas said the plays explored love themes and encapsulated marriage vows of ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health.’

“It is about nagka-iyang batasan, dunay nahimong better o nahimong worse pero ang gitan-aw ang pag remain true sa imong commitment. Ikaduha ang for richer, for poorer, nga usahay ma-ungot ang magtiayon sa kapig-ot bitaw ang ila ra jud is ang pag sustain para ma intact ang family; then ang in sickness and in health will lead the couple to transcendent nature sa marriage, nga lahi ang level sa gugma kay it is really deep. Level sa soul bitaw,” Ancajas said.

Archbishop Jose Palma, who was also present during the staging of the plays, said drama has a strong impact in terms of communication.

Palma said the plays projected the love in the family, emphasizing that despite challenges and trials, it invites couples to still trust in the Lord.

“It captures what could become of love when we entrust it to the Lord," Palma said.

Meanwhile, Cebu City Councilor Francis “Ginhawa Delfin” Esparis said that aside from the play's excelent execution, it also has moral values.

“Ang importante sa usa ka sugilanon nga naka-inject ka diha og moral values. Na educate ka. Nakakuha ka og maayong pagtulon-an,” Esparis said.

When asked about the importance of plays, Esparis said they always invite people to reflect on their lives.

"Kataposang Pagbalik" explores the depth of love and commitment in marriage, especially during challenging times.

The play also emphasized the importance of fulfilling marriage vows with humility and dedication and nurturing the relationship through care and understanding.

Despite facing difficulties, the play highlights how honoring commitments and expressing genuine love can strengthen relationships and help them endure.

"Dolores" explores how couples navigate trials in marriage by extending grace and compassion to one another. It prompts reflection on responding to challenges with patience and empathy, fostering growth and strengthening the marital bond.

"Both Sides Now" examines the impact of illness on marriage and how it can test the strength of love and commitment. It prompts reflection on navigating challenges together and supporting partners through sickness and health.

"Sa Kahamugaway ug sa Kapig-ot" explores how marriage can lead to both moments of harmony and challenges. It prompts reflection on how one demonstrates love and faith to the family during difficult times in marriage. It also asks whether one remains faithful to the beliefs within the church despite marital hardships.

The Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod will be restaging the plays on March 16 and 17, 2024, still at the Little Black Box Theater, as part of the chapel’s free Lenten Recollection. Anyone who wishes to join may message their Facebook page: Teatro de San Pedro Calungsod.


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