Artists for ‘Love Cebu’ music festival meet fans

Artists for ‘Love Cebu’ music festival meet fans

By Tyrashelvy Villamil, Silliman University Intern / Writer

FANS had the time of their lives as they met Cebuano artists Janine Berdin, Shoti, Jacky Chang and the Wonggoys during the press conference held at the Activity Center, Ayala Malls Central Bloc on June 14, 2024.

The artists are set to perform at the Love Cebu Music Festival alongside fellow Cebuano artists Juan Karlos, Jolianne, MRLD and Dom Guyot on July 6 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Connecting with the audience, the artists matched the energy and excitement of the fans gathered around the space — performing teasers of their upcoming performances, revealing new songs to be released in 2024, expressing their love for Cebu, as well as sharing their thoughts on the Cebuano music sphere.

Berdin expressed her gratitude for the “Love Cebu” producers for making the event possible, saying that the celebration of Cebuanos and their music is already overdue. Giddy for an all-Cebuano line-up, all five artists on stage shared their sentiments on the relevance of the Love Cebu Music Fest’s mission of putting the spotlight on Bisaya performers.

“When I got invited and I saw the lineup, [he was surprised that all of the artists were Cebuanos]. So I was really, really happy that there is an event dedicated to the Bisayas, that’s why I’m so happy. This is truly one for the books,” said Shoti.

The Wonggoys described the line-up to be refreshing and exciting, “it feels like play to us [because] although it will be the first time for us to really join JK and Janine, it’s fun that the line up is all Cebuano.”

Sentimental, Kurt Fick also shared his excitement, reminiscing the invitation to perform at the event, not as front acts for Manila or international artists, but to perform with an entire Bisaya company. Similarly, Chang gushed at the memory of seeing the lineup for the first time, referring to the artists as the Bisaya powerhouse of the music scene.

“I was so excited, but the pride was stronger. Like what Shoti said, it’s one for the books—[a rare event]. So we’re all so excited!” she added.

Bold move

Considered as a bold move amid the complex perception of Cebuano audiences towards Cebuano artists, the performers feel that the upcoming event is a good shift in the existing dynamics.

Chang noted that one of her challenges in the music industry is the “double-edged sword” of local support. As Cebuanos are immensely talented, they can be difficult to please.

The Wonggoys also expressed that the current situation is at the point where the audience still finds it difficult to accept that local artists should charge for tickets. They reminisce about the difficulty of bringing in audiences to ticketed gigs, even in small bars. “So this — ‘Love Cebu’ Music Festival — it’s very exciting, I believe it’s something new, even to us [artists]” they said, showing the transition of Cebuano audiences in terms of their support to their own local artists.

“It’s a bold move — to stage a fully Cebuano music festival. I think it’s the right time and the right year to do something like this, whether or not people will watch. Because at the end of the day, whatever will be the turn out of the event, we’ll see how much people actually love Cebu,” they shared.

“We’re preparing and we’re doing our best, and the organizers will make sure that this is the best show that you’ll ever see for Cebuanos,” Berdin added. S


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