Award-winning restaurant and bar from Macau opens in Cebu

Award-winning restaurant and bar from Macau opens in Cebu

Within the vibrant enclave of 38 Park Avenue Condominium in Cebu IT Park, restaurant Goa Nights pulsates with the rich energies of Goa’s laidback days and its lively, electric evenings.

In 2018, the visionaries behind Goa Nights — Gagan and Gwen — opened their doors in Macau, marking the beginning of an ambitious journey. Recognized swiftly for their innovation and excellence, Goa Nights was awarded the Best Bar in Macau (Non-Hotel) by The Bar Awards in 2019. Further accolades followed, including a spot in Tatler Dining’s Best Restaurants for 2021 in Hong Kong & Macau, and an esteemed place in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021 51-100 list.

Riding the waves of their success in Macau, Gagan and Gwen expanded their culinary empire to Cebu, with plans to venture into India’s buzzing capital before the end of 2024. Their mission: to introduce something refreshingly new to the Philippine market and beyond, while pushing the boundaries of what a cocktail bar can achieve.


Entering Goa Nights is like stepping into a haven where tradition meets modernity. The ambiance reflects a perfect balance of cozy comfort and chic sophistication, with an interior inviting locals and expats to unwind and savor the moment.

At the heart of Goa Nights lies a menu that celebrates the diverse flavors of Indian and Goan cuisine. From small plates to larger, more indulgent dishes, each offering is crafted with precision and passion. The Dip Platter, featuring a trio of hummus, babaganoush and tzatziki, served with Afghani naan, sets the stage for a culinary journey. The Kebabs section tantalizes with options like Chicken Tikka, Beef Tenderloin and Lamb Chops, each marinated to perfection with secret spice blends.

For those seeking vegetarian delights, the Tandoori Cauliflower, roasted and topped with parmesan, and the Saag Corn, a spiced spinach puree with sweet corn, offer a delectable experience. Main plates such as Pulled Pork Vindaloo Bao and Chicken Tikka Masala showcase Goa Nights’ ability to reinvent traditional dishes with a modern twist, creating flavors that linger in your memory.


Complementing the culinary offerings is an innovative cocktail bar that boasts an impressive selection of signature drinks, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The Lisbon, a potent blend of gin infused with raw turmeric aperol, grapefruit and egg white, embodies a sour, refreshing kick. For those who prefer fruity concoctions, the Cape Verde Islands, a mix of dark rum, coconut rum, banana liqueur and pineapple syrup, offers a delightful escape.

Patrons can also indulge in the Mozambique, where whiskey meets blueberry-infused red wine syrup, creating a sour yet potent delight, or the Goa, a savory blend of bourbon washed with chorizo fat, creme de cassis and Peychaud’s bitters. Each cocktail is a testament to Goa Nights’ commitment to using only the finest ingredients, ensuring every sip is an experience in itself.


Gagan and Gwen bring a wealth of experience and passion to their venture. Gagan, with over 25 years in the food and beverage Industry, has helmed restaurants from India to Macau and Dubai, while Gwen, a Cebuano native, brings over a decade of creative industry experience. Together, they have cultivated an environment where innovation thrives, and where every dish and drink tells a story.

As Goa Nights continues to enchant its patrons in Cebu, the vision of expanding to India’s bustling capital looms on the horizon. The journey from Macau to Cebu has been nothing short of spectacular, and the promise of what’s to come is equally exciting.


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