Back-to-school romance: 5 high school K-dramas that will make you fall in love all over again

Back-to-school romance: 5 high school K-dramas that will make you fall in love all over again

As the season of love envelops us, there’s no better way to relive the sweet, sometimes awkward, but always memorable moments of young love than diving into the world of K-dramas.

High school, with its unique blend of innocence, first loves and coming-of-age struggles, has been a popular backdrop for some of the most heartwarming and relatable K-dramas. Here are five must-watch titles that will take you on a nostalgic journey back to your school days and leave you feeling enamored:

“Boys Over Flowers” (2009)

Nostalgia Factor: The quintessential high school drama that introduced many to the world of K-dramas. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions set in the elite Shinhwa High School.

Romance: The classic rich boy-poor girl love story. The intense, sometimes comical love triangle between Geum Jan-di, the plucky heroine and the F4 members, especially Goo Jun-pyo and Yoon Ji-hoo, is the heart of this drama.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s a perfect blend of over-the-top drama, humor and tender moments. Plus, the fashion and soundtrack are iconic.

“Reply 1997” (2012)

Nostalgia Factor: This series is a beautiful time capsule of the ‘90s. It focuses on a group of friends and their journey from high school to adulthood.

Romance: The show masterfully uses the “first love” trope and keeps you guessing who the lead, Sung Si-won, ends up with.

Why You’ll Love It: The authentic portrayal of teenage life and friendships in the ‘90s, coupled with a heart-tugging romance makes it a nostalgic ride.

“Dream High” (2011)

Nostalgia Factor: Set in an arts high school, it captures the dreams and struggles of students aspiring to become K-pop stars.

Romance: Amid the fierce competition and personal growth, the budding romances are sweet and uplifting.

Why You’ll Love It: The series is a perfect mix of music, dance and storytelling. The cast includes real-life K-pop stars, adding authenticity to their roles.

“School 2015: Who Are You” (2015)

Nostalgia Factor: This drama tackles more serious themes like bullying and identity, which adds depth to the high school setting.

Romance: The love triangle is filled with tension and tender moments, keeping viewers emotionally invested.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s a gripping story with a mystery element that keeps you hooked, plus the chemistry between the characters is undeniable.

“Love Alarm” (2019)

Nostalgia Factor: A modern take on high school life, complete with a high-tech twist where an app notifies you if someone within a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for you.

Romance: This adds a unique layer to the love triangle theme, making it fresh and intriguing.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s a compelling blend of technology, love and moral questions about the intersection of the two.

These K-dramas not only provide a delightful viewing experience but also evoke a sweet sense of nostalgia. They remind us of the innocence and intensity of first loves and the timeless adventures of high school life. So, grab some popcorn (and maybe some tissues), and get ready to fall in love and travel back in time with these captivating series!


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