Bomb threats in Mandaue a hoax

Bomb threats in Mandaue a hoax
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AUTHORITIES in Mandaue City denounced the bomb threats targeting local schools and government offices and assured the public that these were entirely a hoax meant to sow panic.

"We want to unequivocally state that the alleged bomb threats circulating around and through other channels are hoaxes with no basis in reality," said Karla Cortes, public information officer of Mandaue City Government.

"Our law enforcement agencies have thoroughly investigated these claims and found no credible evidence to support them," she added.

Cortes said spreading or believing such fabricated information can cause unnecessary panic and disrupt the community, thus she urged residents to rely only on official sources for accurate information and remain vigilant but not alarmed.

"If you encounter any suspicious activity or information, please report it immediately to the authorities," she said. "Do not share unverified rumors or posts, as this can further amplify the misinformation and create unnecessary anxiety."

The City reiterated its commitment to public safety and security.

Cortes said authorities will continue to monitor the situation closely and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all residents. (PR)


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