Budget-friendly travel hacks: How Filipinos can plan a memorable vacation on a budget

Budget-friendly travel hacks: How Filipinos can plan a memorable vacation on a budget

Lucel Marie G. Andales - CTU - TC, Intern / Writer

For many, travel isn’t merely a vacation — it’s a chance to disconnect, recharge, and maybe even discover a bit about oneself. However, it can be expensive.

In 2023, the Philippines saw a surge in international tourism with 5.45 million visitors crossing its borders, according to a report titled “Total number of international tourist arrivals to the Philippines from 2012 to 2023” published on Statista on Jan. 5, 2024.

Plan ahead

In planning for a budget-friendly vacation, start by setting clear travel dates, selecting your destination and establishing a practical budget. Delve into thorough research to uncover affordable accommodations, hunt for cheaper flights and map out exciting activities in advance to snag the best bargains.

Remember to include everyday costs like food, travel and entrance fees in your budget to cover all the needs so you can save money and enjoy an amazing trip at the same time.

Choose off-season travel

Avoid going on trips during peak travel season, as that’s when travel companies raise prices, taking advantage of people who can only travel then. Look into the best times to visit your destination and go just before or after those busy times. Hotels and airlines often offer cheaper rates during this time to attract customers. Traveling with fewer people and lower prices can still be an advantage.

Embrace public transportation

When traveling on a budget, public transportation is the best buddy for exploring new places. Try buses, trains or other local transportation options to navigate the place. Just make sure not to compromise safety. Not only will it save money compared to taxis or renting a car but also provide a chance to immerse with the local culture and enjoy the views along the way.

Stay in budget accommodations

Trade expensive hotel suites for dorm rooms, hostels or also try Airbnbs available in the place. Short-term rentals offer a cozy haven away from the usual. These options not only offer clean and comfortable accommodations but also allow for saving a significant amount compared to traditional hotels.

Cook your meals

Cooking is an important part of traveling on a budget. Grabbing some food from the grocery store or a local market and eating in will help save money. Convenience store meals are increasingly viewed as a tempting alternative to traditional home-cooked meals. These ready-to-eat options promise a quick and easy solution, potentially saving both time and money.

Explore free activities

When planning out the travel itinerary, be sure to explore a bunch of cost-free activities available. Take advantage of walking tours, parks and museums that don’t charge admission. Discover hidden gems and local favorites or learn more about the area by visiting tourist information centers.

Be flexible

When it comes to finding budget travel solutions, flexibility is key. Be open to adjusting the travel dates, destination or itinerary. It can increase the chances of finding a better deal or a more affordable option. For example, consider flying on weekdays instead of weekends, and be open to embracing spontaneous detours to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.


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