Alliance Software Inc., a global IT services and solutions powerhouse, is set to revolutionize the business landscape through a strategic partnership with SAP.
Alliance Software Inc., a global IT services and solutions powerhouse, is set to revolutionize the business landscape through a strategic partnership with SAP.

Alliance Edge expands SAP partnership to enhance business automation solutions

IN AN unprecedented move, Alliance Software Inc., a global IT services and solutions powerhouse, is set to revolutionize the business landscape through a strategic partnership with SAP, the world-renowned enterprise solutions provider. This partnership represents a sea change in the direction of more efficient and streamlined processes.

The alliance aims to expand its offering and give customers unmatched access to the best software and support available.

With cutting-edge technology that is specifically designed to fit individual business needs, Alliance's range of business automation solutions now includes SAP products in an effort to increase client satisfaction.

“We have to keep updated to the latest innovations and look unto to our people and processes for continuous improvement”, said Alfie Amontos, a business leader of SAP Business One.

He added that this event will provide an update on how a game-changing technology like SAP Business One can power up finance and operations. Provide opportunities to re-engineer processes. 

The collaboration aims to facilitate the seamless integration of SAP Business One into Alliance's existing business automation suite, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive approach to enterprise management.

“We SAP and Alliance look forward to your transformation and growth individually and as a company as we help the world run better and improve people’s life,” said Amontos.

SAP acknowledges Alliance for its established history of providing high-quality solutions to customers through the utilization of SAP Business One.

Alliance Software's strategic VAR (Value-Added Reseller) roadmap seamlessly integrates with Alliance HRMS (Payroll system), PowerBI, and AI, keeping the business at the forefront of technology.

This comprehensive integration empowers businesses to harness holistic data management and analytics for informed decision-making, ensuring future-proof adaptability and relevance in an ever-changing technological landscape.

SAP Business One’s diverse capabilities extend beyond accounting, encompassing ERP, CRM, analytics, and cloud services, providing a robust foundation for future-proofing your business. 

Automation unlocks unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in business processes, reducing manual errors and freeing up valuable human resources for more strategic tasks. 

Beyond mere automation, their strategic digitization approach aligns the digital transformation with business objectives, enhancing overall competitiveness. 

“You can be successful in what you are doing today, and be run out of business tomorrow”, said Louie Contreras, Senior Manager for Advisory and Digital Transformation Services at Reyes Tacandong & Co. 

When deciding to automate, consider factors like process complexity, repetitive tasks, error reduction potential, scalability, and the overall impact on your organization's agility and innovation capabilities.

Alliance EDGE emerges as a comprehensive business automation suite, empowering enterprises with precise, real-time data for informed decision-making that drives efficiency and maximizes profits. This suite spans sales, human resources, finance, marketing, customer relationships, and various IT support services, offering entrepreneurs a holistic solution.

About Alliance Software, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Alliance Software, Inc. has evolved into a globally recognized I.T. services and solutions company, standing among the Philippines' largest independent software development outsourcing firms. With a dual on-shore and off-shore delivery model, leveraging strengths in people, processes, and technologies, Alliance strategically operates from key offices in Cebu, Manila, and Tokyo.

Under the flagship brand Alliance Edge, the company provides innovative and practical business solutions. Notably, as SAP's pioneer  OEM partner, Alliance Software integrates SAP B1, ensuring seamless Financials integration.

Alliance Edge a leading VAR, has recently embarked on a remarkable journey by partnering with SAP to become a Value-Added Reseller of SAP Business One. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for Alliance Software, Inc., propelling them beyond retail and into the realm of sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

This expansion into the ERP domain enhances Alliance Edge Brand's value proposition and opens up a vast new market of potential customers.

This upgraded partnership with SAP Business One exemplifies the power of strategic alliances in driving growth and success for VARs. By aligning with industry leaders, VARs can leverage their expertise, resources, and market reach to accelerate growth, retain customers, and expand their service offerings. 

By leveraging partnerships to enhance their value proposition and expand their reach, VARs can solidify their position as trusted advisors and solution providers, delivering exceptional outcomes for their customers.

The company's ISO 9001 certification underscores its unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards in management and IT service delivery processes. Alliance Software's journey is marked by a dedication to excellence, positioning it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge, quality-driven I.T. solutions.

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for businesses. It offers a unified platform to streamline various business processes, including finance, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, and more. It is known for its scalability, customization capabilities, and seamless integration, making it a popular choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive and adaptable ERP system.

Digital Transformation

In a world marked by intense global competition, the crux of a business's success lies in continuous development and innovation. Navigating this landscape requires a keen focus on data-driven customer insights, delivering cost-effective services, increasing productivity, and fostering a dynamic business culture. The key to staying relevant is a transformative journey for business.

Embracing a digital touch is pivotal in this transformation, enabling the efficient management of functions and the streamlining of business processes. Through Alliance Edge, digital transformation becomes a catalyst for improvement in customer relations, understanding buying behaviors, process revolution, and more.

Taking the lead in digital transformation positions businesses to empower themselves through innovative IT solutions and cutting-edge software technologies. This strategic move not only keeps organizations at the forefront of technological advancements but also ensures they are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the region's dynamic business landscape.

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