Continuous growth, continuous innovation 

Continuous growth, continuous innovation 
Janette Toral

One of my activities for Women's Month 2024 is conducting a three-day training about "From Growth to Innovation: Cultivating the Mindset for E-Commerce Success" through the Philippine Trade Training Center in partnership with DTI-Zamboanga City Office. 

An interesting topic I was asked to discuss was about the innovation mindset. I think trainings like these where entrepreneurs get together and learn from each other can help refresh and reinforce what they may have learned earlier. Furthermore, interact with fellow entrepreneurs and observe how they have evolved with their approaches. Be inspired to take action. 

In an era of rapid technological advancements and shifting market dynamics, fostering an innovation mindset has become crucial for individuals and organizations striving to remain competitive and relevant. An innovation mindset fosters thinking and problem-solving that requires creativity, taking risks, and recognizing opportunities in challenges. 

This mindset is the driving force behind pivoting products, services, and processes that redefine our lives and work. There are many methodologies and approaches to it. I usually tap into blue ocean strategy, lateral marketing, and business model innovation, among others.  

The essence of an innovation mindset 

At its core, it’s about challenging your current ways of thinking, questioning the status quo, and imagining what could be instead of settling for what is. To make the most of it, you need to be willing to listen to diverse perspectives and thinking. Ultimately, the convergence of different ideas sparks creative solutions. 

Key strategies to cultivate this mindset 

Embrace Continuous Learning: Commit to a path of lifelong learning, staying open and curious about new knowledge, skills, and experiences. We need to be proactive in seeking knowledge and experiences that foster growth. 

Foster Curiosity and Ask Questions: Asking "why," "what if," and "how might we" can uncover assumptions, reveal new opportunities, and lead to innovative solutions. Leaders need to maintain a sense of wonder and eagerness for knowledge to open up paths for new insights and solutions. 

Learn from Failure: Failure is always an opportunity for growth and intentional learning. Understanding this can diminish the fear of failure and encourage more experimentation and risk-taking. 

Think Differently: As we mature with learned experiences, our way of thinking can evolve if we are also methodical about it. If done right, it will continuously change your way of life for the better (I hope) as well. This can involve applying Edward De Bono’s lateral thinking techniques, engaging in brainstorming sessions without judgment, and considering problems from multiple perspectives to find unique solutions. 

Cultivate Diversity and Collaboration: High-performance leaders draw on the strengths and perspectives of others. Diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences intersect which can lead to better ideas and approaches to problem-solving. 

Embrace Change and Adaptability: The ability to navigate and lead through change is a symbol of effective leadership.  

The benefits of cultivating an innovation mindset extend far beyond the development of new products or technologies. It can lead to more fulfilling work and personal experiences. It attracts and retains top talent, and contributes to responsive competitive advantage.


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