Globe builds 2,000 new sites in Visayas

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LEADING digital solutions platform Globe has substantially expanded its network infrastructure in the Visayas, building 303 new cell sites and upgrading 1,756 sites to 4G LTE technology in 2023 to support the region's growth trajectory driven by a strong industry and services sector.

Globe's investment in the Visayas has been both timely and aligned with the government’s economic goals and Digital Philippines agenda. The enhancements in telecom infrastructure are vital for the area, which serves as a central link between Luzon and Mindanao.

Data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority in December 2023 showed sustained economic growth in the region in 2022. Lapu-Lapu City grew the fastest at 13.2 percent, while other key cities Mandaue and Cebu City expanded by 9.0 percent and 8.4 percent, respectively, higher than the regional average of 7.6 percent.

Joel Agustin, SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe, said the company’s sustained builds in the Visayas aim to help industries and communities attain optimum growth.

"As we continue to reinforce our network's presence in the Visayas, we are keenly aware of the region's economic significance and its burgeoning industries. Our focus is to ensure that our services bolster its robust economic activities and support its communities effectively. These improvements are not just about meeting current demands but are also a step towards preparing for future challenges and opportunities,” he said.

Globe spent US$1.3 billion in capital expenditure last year, with a 91 percent allocation to boost data infrastructure all over the country.

Globe made significant strides in expanding its network capabilities with a total of 1,217 nationwide builds. This is in line with the company’s unwavering dedication to boost connectivity and provide seamless access to digital services and solutions for its customers.

Complementing the new site builds, Globe has executed a major upgrade of its existing infrastructure, with the deployment of 8,226 network enhancements to 4G LTE technology nationwide, ensuring that customers experience reliable service and connectivity.

On top of regular network builds, Globe has been pursuing a greener expansion of its network, including the use of green network solutions, eco-friendly batteries and renewable power in high-energy facilities.

Globe's network activities in the Visayas are a testament to its resilience and adaptability. The investment not only reflects its commitment to the region but also its goal of paving the way for a more connected and innovative future in the Philippines.

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