Globe, GCash showcase AI’s role in fintech, service at conference

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO (middle), and Pebbles Sy, GCash CTO, tackle the impact of AI on fintech at the recent Money 20/20 Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.
Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO (middle), and Pebbles Sy, GCash CTO, tackle the impact of AI on fintech at the recent Money 20/20 Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.Contributed photo.

LEADERS of Globe and its affiliate GCash put the spotlight on the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on fintech and customer service at a recent global conference.

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe, and Pebbles Sy, Chief Technology and Operations Officer of Globe’s affiliate GCash, took center stage at Money20/20 Asia, which convened the region's financial ecosystem—banks, payments, startups, retailers, fintechs, and regulators—to explore fintech's present and future.

Over three days in Bangkok, Thailand, attendees engaged in continuous activities, networking, and deal-making, inspired by world-class speakers from diverse sectors.

During a panel discussion, Cu and Sy delved into the current and future applications of AI within their respective organizations, as well as the technology’s broader implications for the country’s digital transformation.

Cu highlighted Globe's ongoing efforts to integrate AI into customer care, saying: "We're now moving into customer care using AI. A lot of it is really internal use, internal process, for things to become more efficient."

The mobile leader harnesses AI to support customers across the Philippines via providing customer service in regional dialects, ensuring that everyone feels seen and appreciated. Globe also uses AI in data management for real-time analytics and in streamlining its operations.

Echoing Cu's sentiment, Sy emphasized GCash's enthusiasm for AI's potential to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experience.

"We're excited about how AI will make us much more efficient and really change the experience of our customers," she said.

Sy further elaborated on specific AI use cases the nation’s No. 1 finance super app is exploring, such as a co-pilot feature for agents that summarizes customer interactions, analyzes sentiment, and provides tailored response recommendations. AI is also being leveraged to assist developers in coding faster and more efficiently.

GCash's pioneering credit scoring system has been AI-enabled for several years. "It's one of the key differentiators of GCash. We have a sizable data team who develops this internally and continues to optimize it today," she said.

When asked about the risks of AI from a Filipino perspective, Cu highlighted the need to build a robust digital workforce. "We help with digitizing the country not only through infrastructure but also through job creation. There's an initiative (by the government) right now to build a million digital jobs, and a lot of it is centered on building AI skills," he said.

Cu also commended the government's commitment to upskilling public sector employees and utilizing AI across various industries.

“The government is very much attuned to the emerging technologies around the world today. It’s not just simply about digital, it’s also applying it in sectors such as fisheries and agriculture. It’s very refreshing that the President is truly engaged and interested in pushing this agenda forward,” he added.

The insights shared by Cu and Sy underscore Globe and GCash's unwavering dedication to harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and contribute to the Philippines' digital transformation journey. (PR)


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