BYD driving change: Stories from EV owners

BYD driving change: Stories from EV owners

An electric revolution is underway as electric vehicles (EVs) quietly enter the scene, reshaping the way we perceive mobility and environmental responsibility. BYD, a prominent global manufacturer, has recently arrived in Cebu through Global Star Motors Corp., pioneering innovation in battery technology, autonomous driving capabilities and connectivity features.

Cebuanos now have the opportunity to shape the future and command their destiny. EVs are paving the way for a future where cars transcend mere transportation, becoming intelligent, interconnected devices that enhance our lives in unprecedented ways.

Through firsthand experiences and testimonials, it becomes evident that EVs represent a tangible step towards mitigating the impacts of climate change and fostering a more sustainable world for future generations.


Dr. Henry Cañizares, a proud owner of BYD cars, shares his journey towards green mobility driven by a desire to reduce costs without compromising quality. For Dr. Henry, BYD EVs not only offer a more affordable lifestyle but also seamlessly accommodate his hectic daily travels. He shared his experience during a 90km trip to Tuburan, where the battery retained an impressive 20 to 27 percent life. His testimonial underscores how EVs are well-suited for professionals like doctors, providing reliability and efficiency even in demanding schedules.

Joining Dr. Henry in the electric revolution is his wife, Dr. Jireh Ramos-Cañizares, who highlights the extensive journeys they undertake between hospitals. Despite covering vast distances, the couple finds comfort in their BYD EV, even using it as a resting place during long trips. Additionally, they shared how they’ve reduced their combined monthly petrol expenses from P30,000 to just P4,000-5,000 on electricity bills for their BYD cars.

For Manuel “Bunny” Pages, president and chief operating officer of Pages Group of Companies, his love for cars takes on new meaning with the purchase of his first EV, a BYD Han. Impressed by its smooth performance and innovative features, Bunny is now an enthusiastic advocate for EVs, with BYD as his brand of choice. As the first buyer, Bunny is paving the way for others to embrace sustainable transportation options.

Another compelling perspective comes from Regional Executive Director for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources 7, Paquito Melicor Jr., as he emphasizes the urgency of addressing the climate crisis. Melicor highlights the shared responsibility to heal the Earth and challenges consumers to reflect on the small actions they can take to make a difference.

He suggests that the pandemic has provided a glimpse of a world in recovery — a world where green mobility plays a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for generations to come. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the reduced number of vehicles on the road led to a remarkable 72 percent drop in air pollution.

BYD Cebu

At the recent BYD Cebu launch, held on April 24, 2024, a greener, safer, and more affordable future was unveiled. With the BYD Dolphin, Atto 3, Han and Tang, cutting-edge technology meets sleek design for a next-level driving experience.

Innovations like the e-Platform 3.0, faster charging and longer ranges alleviate any range anxiety, perfect for navigating Cebu’s north and south hassle-free. Plus, with government support for charging infrastructure expansion, the EV journey is smoother than ever.

With BYD’s in-house battery production and cost-saving designs, the brand leads the way in affordable electric vehicles. Combined with tax exemptions and preferential loans, BYD offers a way for Cebuanos to embrace sustainable driving.


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