Bzzzzz: Lapu-Lapu City motel incident: new police way to catch forbidden lovers. BOPK's initial team for 2025 race.

Bzzzzz: Lapu-Lapu City motel incident: new police way to catch forbidden lovers. BOPK's initial team for 2025 race.
Poster photo from Tomas Osmeña Facebook page

Bry. councilor, SK head caught in motel but not in the act

Broadcasters Johnley Bayking and Rey Gealon devoted pretty much of their time on air (XFM-Cebu) Thursday morning, April 4, 2004, (a) showing repeatedly a video clip of police at the door of a motel room where a barangay councilor, 35, and an SK chairwoman, 22, had checked into, and (b) discussing why, unlike in past police operations against publicly adulterous spouses, the man was freed after questioning at the police station.

The arrest happened Tuesday night, April 2, at a Lapu-Lapu City motel, on complaint of the councilor's wife, and was reported in media the following day.

New police tack: Don't barge into illicit lovers' room

The broadcasters' lengthy discussion on why the arrested couple was released later at the police station centered on the delay in opening the door. The police waited for the couple to allow them in, making a number of knocks and calling them out. Unlike in past similar "raids," police didn't barge in with the use of a pass-key. Apparently, prosecutors have frowned on the invasive means and police are taking the cue.

Meaning, police and prosecutors no longer rely on reasonable certainty that two probable sexual partners found in a room are not praying or, in the joke of the day, not meeting to discuss a barangay problem. Meaning, no more arrest while in bed or in the nude by police in a motel or hotel room. They now want "en flagrante delicto" evidence.

Video clip not obscene but subject not for children

The video clip that co-hosts Johnley and Rey replayed more than twice didn't show any nudity or lewd act as the police went in only after the couple was fully dressed.

Yet the warning made by the program hosts about the potentially harmful content, asking parents to keep their children away, suggests they wouldn't want to risk sanction from the Cebu City's anti-indecency board or flak from the public.

BOPK's four 'early birds': testing public reaction

Less than a month after former Cebu City mayor and BOPK chief Tomas Osmeña announced Councilor Nestor Archival would run for mayor and he'd run for vice mayor in 2025, Tomas posted this poster on his Facebook page. Councilor Mary Ann de los Santos would run for congresswoman in Cebu City north and former congressman Rodrigo Abellanosa for the south district seat.

Are these the only people running under BOPK? No, but these four are the early birds and the "more or less sure" runners. As in 100% sure? Not quite, as Tomas is known for sending off trial balloons to measure public awareness and acceptance, even as he waits to assess those whom the opponent will field.

Only Bebot Abellanosa hasn't himself lost an election. He ran for and served three straight terms as south congressman before resting in 2022 and fielding his son BG. His son, another Bebot, lost; not Bebot, the original.

BOPK didn't do well in past two elections

All the three others in BOPK's "We are all family" squad had lost an election or elections: de los Santos, in her bids for city mayor (2007), congresswoman (2010), and vice mayor (2019); Tomas Osmeña, in his 2013 race for mayor against Mike Rama; and Archival, in the 2016 contest for vice mayor against Edgardo Labella.

In 2022 race, BOPK lost the mayorship (Margot Osmeña, Tomas's wife, defeated by Mike Rama) and the south district House seat (Bebot BG Abellanosa, son of Rodrigo Abellanosa, the incumbent at the time, defeated by Representative Edu Rama). BOPK lost control of the City Council although winners included Archival and de los Santos. Representative Rachel Marguerite "Cutie" del Mar won under BOPK but Tomas had ditched her in favor of de los Santos even though Mary Ann lost to Cutie in 2010 for the same seat by 40,000-plus votes or 58.49 percent against 34.73 percent of the vote. -- Pachico A. Seares



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