Cabaero: Summer see, summer saw: Explore and learn

Cabaero: Summer see, summer saw: Explore and learn

A vacation can be a learning journey. As people go out of the city to explore new sights or simply to escape the heat, there are opportunities to observe, absorb, compare, and ask why.

Why are the roads wider and of better quality in Iloilo and Bacolod cities than in Cebu City? Why don’t we have skyways like the one from the airport to Quezon City, taking an hour or less to travel? Why are basic commodity prices cheaper in Bangkok or Jakarta? Then there’s the question - why do billboards of Camille Villar, from Las Piñas City’s lone congressional district, adorn Cebu towns, wishing us safe travels? Why here?

A trip during these hot months offers a chance to see other places and shoot the breeze, so to speak. It’s a way to be curious, discuss what you see, taste, and feel; widen horizons, broaden perspectives, understand human existence, and discuss insights.

You don’t have to travel far to gain insights into our fortune, or misfortune, about living in Cebu. A trip to nearby towns or provinces can provide enough perspective to analyze our standard of living and quality of life.

You’ll see how a lack of unity among leaders and their bickering must impact the service and commitment we receive from those in authority.

Traveling can evoke both happiness and sadness—joy in discovering other places, people, and cultures, realizing our similarities; sadness in recognizing how far back or wayward we’ve become as a city or country or as Filipinos. Nonetheless, travel enables you to learn more about yourself, your values, and what else should be done to help yourself and others.

The recent long holidays and another holiday on May 1 are opportunities to leave the city and explore neighboring areas, the country, or parts of the world. A trip is a chance to learn and understand differences, to compare and critically analyze why certain places thrive, and why others tick, while ours may lag, and to ponder and dissect the reasons behind these disparities.

Observing economic disparities or another country’s environmental preservation, or infrastructure can spark activism, critical thinking, and a sense of responsibility for our city or country.

Traveling transcends mere tourism; it’s an opportunity to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and gain insights.

Step out of your comfort zone, explore places beyond your city, province, or country, and compare. You’ll see, then realize, that what you saw you found uncomfortable, agitating, and worthy of change. Explore and learn.

There’s something transformative about travel and it goes beyond transporting yourself from one place to another. It’s about what you witness first-hand that you are compelled to discuss, reflect, and, perhaps, take action.


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