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Break Point

Every book on psychology I read tells me high intelligence is not all about IQ. One of the signature traits of highly intelligent persons is empathy towards others. Not sympathy or feeling pity but empathy or compassion and understanding for others.

From that, one might be tempted to judge that the feuding Cebu City mayor and Cebu governor are not highly intelligent individuals. They appear to lack empathy, scrapping seemingly oblivious of people’s needs, defending their positons without compassion and understanding for the people they are sworn to serve. Which, according to psychology, is not highly intelligent of them.

Why can’t they turn their quarrel around the axis of people’s welfare? I can understand the legal tit for tat, but isn’t the law supposed to serve people? So, why can’t they talk solutions coolly and professionally instead of trading recriminations that get them and the public nowhere?

In any case, I am resisting the temptation to judge, thinking that conditioned reflexes might be blindsiding them. Instead, I’ll wait who makes the first highly intelligent (empathic?) move to resolve the issue. Their quarrel will be settled if one (both?) decides he or she is as highly intelligent as the other and looks for solutions that would be good for the public, regardless of where egos fall, on dry land or high water.

I personally know Gov. Gwen Garcia to be a highly intelligent person. The way she’s running the province makes a lot more sense than the way Mayor Michael Rama is running Cebu City. I expect her to get herself together and move on her problem with Mayor Rama in a highly intelligent or empathic manner.

From my experience with Mayor Rama, his intelligence does not come up to the level of the governor’s. Withholding 10 months’ worth of salaries from four City Hall employees is definitely not very intelligent or empathic of him. But if the mayor thinks otherwise, he can either make the first move or respond in kind if the governor should happen to move first on their problem with empathy for their negatively impacted constituents. The community goes nowhere when leaders feud for ostensibly personal-political reasons.

Cebuanos are grappling with too many problems, not the least of which is insufficient water supply but chief of which is the deteriorating value of the peso. Cheap public transportation will go a long way in helping them survive these hard times. Cebu needs leaders who are highly intelligent enough to enter into the professional and not heated dynamics of searching for solutions to community problems.

At this time when millions are hungry, homeless, sick and uneducated, the last thing we need is oversized egos (of public officials) clashing. If our public officials consider themselves highly intelligent and mature (in the Kantian sense of being led by reason and not by emotions or anything else) they should get together to solve these social ills instead of feuding at people’s expense.


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