Cebu assessors prepare for digitalization


A NEWLY formed association of local assessors in Cebu Province is gearing up for the introduction of digitalization as it held the First Convention of the Association of Local Assessors of the Province of Cebu (ALAPC) on Nov. 16, 2023, at the Mezzo Hotel in Cebu City.

Jose Jefferson Bajao, president of the ALAPC, told SunStar Cebu on Nov. 19 that the purpose of the convention was to strengthen and equip municipal and city assessors with the necessary skills and best practices to do their job using the new technology.

“Tumong nato nga atong i-empower ang atong mga local assessors aron makita nato ang ilang role in nation-building (Our aim is to empower them so they will know their role in nation-building),” Bajao said.

He said the majority of local assessors have started incorporating digitalization into their jobs However, he said they want to ensure that members are equipped with the skills to adapt to the new technologies and new practices.

“Pinaspasay naman gud ning atong trabaho, kinahanglan nga i-upgrade ta (We need to upgrade since our work is all about speed). Sa una (In the past, it was) manual, karon kay (now everything is) computerized na. I-digitalize na nato ang (We have to digitalize the) process,” he said.

He said the role of assessors in local government units (LGUs) is to ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation are properly adhered to, as an additional revenue mechanism.

“Kung walay i-assess, walay ma-collect ang atong mga treasurers (Treasures have nothing to collect if properties are not assessed). For most LGUs daku og tabang ang collection sa real property taxes (collection of real property taxes plays a major role). That’s where the role of the assessors comes in,” he added.

Aside from the rise of technology, Bajao recognized the lack of manpower as one of the challenges for local assessors, which is why the ALAPC is working to address the matter.

During the convention, ALAPC introduced its new logo, which symbolizes the adoption of the identity of a new association.

ALAPC is composed of city and municipal assessors as well as assistant assessors and office staff, Bajao said.

Guest speakers included Judge Nelson Leyco, who shared the latest ruling and legal issues on property and civil litigation that local assessors may encounter.

His discussion included real estate disputes and remedies, mode of land ownership and acquisition, among others.

Other guests also included lawyer Wilbert Tañeca of the Bureau of Local Government Finance, who shared the latest updates on local appraisal and assessment, and former Toledo City assessor Jeremias Barcenas, who shared the Best Assessment Practices of the City of Toledo that introduced digitalization in the identification and accounting property assessment.


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