Cebu’s top student designers on functionality, sustainability and preservation

Cebu’s top student designers on functionality, sustainability and preservation

Next-generation Cebuano designers recently showcased an exhibit that offered a glimpse into the myriad worlds that design unlocks. Through in-depth research, probing questions, innovative making and dynamic collaboration, the University of the Philippines Cebu graduating students from the Product Design program explored the web of connections that binds humanity. They did this through the lens of four distinct studios: Studio Identity, Studio Material Development, Studio Motion and Studio Wellbeing.

Held at The Playground, From Here, Crossroads Cebu, “LANTAO: Through the Lens of Design” was a thesis exhibition centered on windows of collaborations among people, objects, ideas and stories through product design.

The three-day event from May 29 to 31, 2024 featured workshops, exhibitions and design talks, drawing in enthusiasts, celebrated artists and students alike.

Studio Identity

Studio Identity celebrates Filipino identity through innovative design, bringing together diverse approaches to promote heritage and empower communities. Miguel Bedia transforms historical Filipino warriors into mecha model kits, reconnecting builders with their ancestry. Meanwhile, Roymari Chean Marquez revitalizes Daro’s pottery industry in Dumaguete City by creating aesthetically pleasing and functional products, preserving traditional crafts.

Maria Leanne Pancito diversified Tikog Banig products in Basey, Samar, ensuring long-term economic benefits for weavers by integrating their traditions and Samar’s identity into unique designs. In addition, Jennifer Ann Regidor champions feminine expression for all genders through digital fabrication and nail art, offering adaptable accessories that cater to individual styles and promote nail health.

Studio Material Development

Sustainability is a popular theme among designers, but Vlanch Lariego and Clent Yanola take it to a whole new level with their use of fish scales and garlic peels. Studio Material Development transforms discarded waste into valuable resources through innovative design. By reimagining fish scales and garlic peels, they create sustainable, functional products that showcase the untapped potential of waste.

Vlanch Lariego transforms fish scales into versatile products by exploring their physical and chemical properties, overcoming technical challenges. Clent Yanola converts garlic peel fibers into functional, aesthetically pleasing items by stabilizing them with composites and innovative manufacturing techniques. Together, they showcase the untapped potential of waste in sustainable design.

Studio Motion

Studio Motion focuses on dynamic and versatile design solutions, offering innovative products that embody movement, adaptability and style. Junrex Warne Cinco addresses displacement challenges caused by disasters with AIDER, a transformative shelter aid that combines the functionalities of a bed, tent and storage bag, prioritizing comfort, privacy and security for disaster victims. Jude Erauda revitalizes Cebu’s shoe industry by combining traditional shoemaking techniques with digital fabrication and eco-friendly materials, offering innovative sneakers that cater to the new generation’s needs.

Jeriessa Limbaga celebrates local craftsmanship from southern Cebu with “Hara,” a shoe collection that combines embroidery from Inayagan, Hablon fabric from Argao and shoemaking practices from Carcar City, fostering growth and exposure of local artisans.

Studio Well-Being

Studio Well-Being advocates for positive change by nurturing communities, mitigating environmental harm and creating safe spaces for marginalized groups. Ann Joachim Barlam empowers plus-sized Filipino women with her inclusive shapewear line, BINIBINI in the name of diversity and empowerment. In another endeavor, Isabella Joana Cabatangan reimagines storytelling with an immersive experience for children, using technology to bring God’s teachings to life.

Josh Koleen Collado focuses on cleaning and protecting rivers, starting with Masao River, through Project CATCHER (Community Action Towards Cleaner, Healthier Ecosystems and Rivers), which empowers communities through sustainable design. Last, Venise Marie Galan pioneers adaptive fashion, championing accessibility and inclusivity in the local fashion scene.

This event marks the beginning for Cebu’s emerging product designers as they prepare to graduate. For more on these innovative designers, visit their profiles on social media.


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