Celebrate ‘National Love Your Pet Day’ by supporting these heroic NGOs

Celebrate ‘National Love Your Pet Day’ by supporting these heroic NGOs

It’s time to turn affection into action this National Love Your Pet Day (Feb. 20)!

In this heartwarming article, we’re shining a spotlight on three extraordinary non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Cebu - Island Rescue Organization, Mayari Animal Rescue Organization and Hope for Strays Cebu. These heroes are not just talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to animal welfare.

Get ready to be inspired by their incredible stories and learn how you can lend a helping hand (or paw)!

Island Rescue Organization (IRO)

Island Rescue Organization has been a beacon of hope for animals in Cebu since 2010. IRO isn’t just another NGO; its group is made up of dedicated volunteers who live and breathe animal welfare. Its mission? To champion responsible ownership, enforce animal welfare laws and provide a sanctuary for rescued animals.

Over 100 adorable animals, each with their own heart-tugging backstory, are cared for and loved by IRO until they find their forever homes. Plus, IRO’s efforts in educating the community and advocating for spaying/neutering to manage the animal population is nothing short of heroic.

Mayari Animal Rescue Organization

The volunteers at Mayari Animal Rescue Organization are angels in disguise for street dogs and cats. They roll up their sleeves and provide on-the-spot care for animals in dire need. And for those in critical condition? They’re whisked away to Mayari’s shelter for intensive care.

What makes Mayari stand out is their commitment to not only heal these animals physically but also find them loving homes. Each dog and cat, regardless of shape, size or breed, is given a shot at a happy, healthy life.

Hope for Strays Cebu

Hope for Strays Cebu is all about giving strays a second chance. This group tirelessly promotes adoption and rescue services for homeless animals. The group members are not just rescuers; they’re advocates, educators and matchmakers, finding the perfect families for these deserving fur babies. Their message is clear: every stray deserves love, care and a place to call home.


Adopting a pet from these organizations is a fantastic start. But if that’s not feasible, donating, volunteering or even spreading the word about these NGOs can make a huge difference. Remember, every little bit helps. Here are some frequently asked questions with tips!

1. “Can I volunteer at these NGOs if I’m not in Cebu?” - Absolutely! Remote support through fundraising or awareness campaigns is always welcome.

2. “Are donations to these organizations tax-deductible?” - It depends on your location and the NGO’s status. Check with them directly for specifics.

3. “How do I start the adoption process?” - Visit their websites or contact them directly. They’ll guide you through every step!

Island Rescue Organization, Mayari Animal Rescue Organization and Hope for Strays Cebu are doing phenomenal work but they can’t do it alone. They need our support. This National Love Your Pet Day, let’s not forget about the countless animals waiting for their chance at love and happiness.


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