'Character design challenge!'


Being fervent admirers of art, discovering the “Character Design Challenge!” on Facebook felt like unearthing a hidden treasure.

Picture this: A thriving online haven organized by Character Design References (CDR), boasting a membership that’s not just a number but a lively 299,000 plus-strong artistic symphony! This community isn’t merely a gathering — it’s an electric carnival where artists of all stripes unite for a wild ride of skill honing, mutual enlightenment, shameless self-promotion and a collective celebration of the magical world of character design.

The heartbeat of this vibrant community is its monthly challenges, each curated with a theme that sets the stage for a dazzling display of creativity. In November 2023, the challenge took a delightful turn with the theme “foodimals,” urging artists to ingeniously fuse food and animals in their designs. The resulting artworks were nothing short of spectacular, showcasing a remarkable blend of creativity and skill that truly lived up to the challenge.

What sets the Character Design Challenge apart is its ability to foster a dynamic environment for creative collaboration. More than just a contest, it’s a platform encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones, share their designs and promote their blogs and online stores.

“As an artist, it’s really inspiring to see fellow artists come up with ideas on their characters and greatly execute it, building a character and confining it on themes is absolutely a test of creativity and imagination, it’s really not easy,” shared Ardu Uwusly, a Filipino artist and member of the group.

“I joined mid-November and I appreciate how this group provides artists the chance to develop and challenge creativity through monthly themes. Witnessing the talent of fellow artists personally motivated me to improve. With my Soya Bean Toad, I showcased it like a printable poster, ensuring accuracy in portraying the taho theme. Adding precisely designed words and labels brought me immense satisfaction, reflecting my passion for the project.”

The challenge culminates in the recognition of the finest designs, with the new theme announced on the 7th day of each month. For artists seeking to promote their work, build a following and connect with like-minded individuals, the Character Design Challenge is the ideal space. The contest exclusively focuses on 2-D artworks, fostering creativity in animation, games and comics.

The beauty of the “Character Design Challenge!” lies in its inclusivity — the group is entirely free to join. Whether one’s a participating artist or simply an art enthusiast, everyone is welcome. Whether one is a seasoned artist seeking a new challenge or someone who appreciates the magic of character design, he or she can dive into this vibrant community without any barriers. It’s a space where creativity knows no bounds, and the joy of art is shared by all.

To stay informed about the current theme, rules and other essential details, interested individuals can visit the group page on Facebook via “Character Design Challenge!” The challenge’s vibrant community extends across various social media platforms, including Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter), shaping itself into more than just a creative challenge but a dynamic social movement in the digital art realm. The Character Design References website also boasts a valuable Visual Library for those seeking references and tutorials, complemented by a monthly newsletter subscription offering the latest updates.

“Character Design Challenge!” is not just a challenge; it’s a free visual feast for the eyes and a sanctuary for the creative soul. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, this community welcomes you to join the celebration of imagination and artistic expression.


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