Decoding 2023 slang

Decoding 2023 slang

As 2023 edges toward its finale, cruising the online landscape can feel like a whirlwind, with new terminologies sprouting from left and right.

If one has successfully dodged TikTok’s series on canon events and Roman Empires, congrats because that only means one is not chronically online.

However, the ever-evolving online vocabularies continue to shape our digital vernacular. Take a moment to assess if one is still rocking the Gen Z vibes or caught up in the streamer lingo.


Icks, colloquially referring to initial discomfort or repulsion, often precede the development of pet peeves. This term is commonly employed in dating scenarios when one observes their date engaging in behavior that is low-key gross or downright un-comfy. It serves as an internal alarm, signaling that further pursuit of the relationship may not be advisable.

Example: “I find it so icky that he uses 5-1 body wash shampoo.”

Canon event

This is slang for those cringe-worthy moments that are basically the building blocks of who the person is today. It’s like one couldn’t dodge these awkward episodes; they were destined to shape one into the person one has become.

Example: “My friend keeps coming back to her failed ‘situationship.’ I can’t interfere, it’s a canon event.”

Roman Empire

This is a fun theory that girlfriends are throwing around — ask their significant other how much he thinks about the Roman Empire. Answers differ, but most dudes admit to giving it a thought a couple of times a week. Now, it’s not just about the Roman Empire; it’s more like, “What’s your Roman Empire?” It’s like an open invitation to dive into the thoughts that keep one’s mind as busy as guys contemplating ancient history.

Example: “My Roman Empire is where do you go when you die.”


This is a colloquial term encompassing two contrasting phenomena, born from the simultaneous release of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” on a shared date.

Example: “We decided to have a Barbenheimer movie night, mixing light-hearted fun with intense drama like ‘Mamma Mia!’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’”

Girl dinner

This is a go-to snack where you throw together whatever you find in the fridge onto your plate. It can also be a care-free satisfaction session with zero judgment on your eating habits. Total culinary freedom, no rules!

Example: “My girl dinner is a reheated cheese pasta I had from my mom’s birthday.”


Lore, in the context of an individual, encompasses a collection of seemingly random or secretive details that contribute to their unique background. These may include slightly unusual experiences, adding a distinctive dimension to their personal history.

Example: “Learning my mom’s lore is a bittersweet experience. She deserves everything.”


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