Ditan: XODE Blockchain earns CertiK KYC Gold Verified badge

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If you’re a geek expecting to read high-level tech talk, this column is not for you. I’m not a techie. I just like writing about tech stuff—in plain English—so we can all understand what these engineers are building to improve our lives. And have fun doing it. Like if you can say this column’s title fast 10 times, I’ll buy you pizza! So, let’s dive into something pretty cool that happened right here in Cebu.

A Big Win for XODE Blockchain

On June 12, 2024, Cebu’s XODE Blockchain, the Philippines’ first homegrown blockchain, earned the prestigious CertiK KYC Gold Verified badge. Now, if you’re wondering what that means, it’s like XODE got a gold star for being super secure and trustworthy in digital ledgers. And who gave this gold star? CertiK, tech security’s top dog!

What’s Blockchain, Anyway?

For those not living under a rock, blockchain is like a super-secure digital record of transactions. Think of it as your grandpa’s old ledger book but online and way more secure. Instead of one ledger keeping track, it’s a whole network of computers with identical copies of the ledger ensuring everything is on the up and up. Legit. And XODE is our Filipino pride in blockchain technology connected to the super-connected network called Polkadot.

Why Should We Care?

CertiK KYC Gold Verified badge is a big deal. It means that XODE has been thoroughly checked and found to be super secure. Imagine your favorite local business getting a top-notch security award – you’d feel pretty confident shopping there, right? That’s what this is for XODE. It’s a massive vote of confidence.

Perfect Timing

And what timing! XODE hit this milestone on our Independence Day. It’s a perfect mix of celebrating our proud history and embracing a tech-driven future. While we celebrate our freedom, we’re also making waves in the global tech scene. It’s a moment that says, “Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” in tech-speak.

More Than Just Techies

This isn’t just a win for tech nerds; it’s something we can all be proud of. It shows that the Philippines, and Cebu in particular, are stepping up on the global stage. We’re not just catching up; we’re leading. This could mean more jobs, more investments, and more opportunities for Cebuanos.

What’s Next?

With this CertiK KYC Gold Verified badge, XODE is set to gain more trust from investors and users. It’s like having a Good Housekeeping Seal for tech projects. More people will feel confident using XODE for everything from secure financial transactions to managing supply chains. It’s a win-win.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it. XODE Blockchain’s golden achievement isn’t just about tech; it’s about national pride, economic growth, and a brighter future. As we move forward, let’s keep an eye on how our local tech champions like XODE continue to shine. Here’s to more innovations and successes!

Stay tuned for more Non-tech Tech Talk, where I break down tech so we can all appreciate the awesome things happening in our backyard. Cheers!


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