Dumaguete's Southbugs unveil Bisaya charm with 'Ang Pagsud-ong (POV)'

Dumaguete's Southbugs unveil Bisaya charm with 'Ang Pagsud-ong (POV)'
Photo courtesy of Southbugs

ANTICIPATION is building as Southbugs, a rising rock band from Dumaguete City, prepares to launch its latest Bisrock single, "Ang Pagsud-ong (POV)," on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

The band, comprised of Rap on lead vocals, DD on guitars, bass and backing vocals, and Carlos Heneral on guitars, is set to captivate audiences with a sound that transcends genres, reflecting their diverse influences.

Photo courtesy of Southbugs

The track "Pagsud-ong" weaves a tale of a college student tangled in the web of a crush, wrestling with the courage to make a move.

"He believes she's out of his league and can only admire her from afar. However, the twist is that the girl does have an interest in him. This theme resonates with the complexities of young love and the self-doubt that often accompanies it," the band said.

Southbugs added that the track has been in the works for eight years, waiting for the right moment to be released.

"Ang Pagsud-ong (POV) single cover
"Ang Pagsud-ong (POV) single coverPhoto courtesy of Southbugs

"With the formation of our current band lineup, we felt it was finally time to share this track with the world. While we can't quite remember the initial inspiration, it came from a time when we were just college kids, experiencing the ups and downs of love, like any college student," Southbugs said.

"We're thrilled that this long-awaited track has finally seen the light of day, and we're proud that it has captured the essence of what we had envisioned for it," they added.

The band

Nestled in the southern part of Barangay Bagacay, Dumaguete City, the band's name emerged from a playful twist on the locals' nickname, "Southbags," morphing into the catchier "Southbugs."

"So our barangay is called Bagacay, our place is around the south of Bagacay, so people who live here call our area Southbags. Then our purok was recently named Purok Southbag (not sure if official). So we just changed "a" to "u," para it would say bugs as in insects," the band said.

Formed in November 2022, Southbugs faced initial challenges with commitment from the founding members.

Rap.Photo courtesy of Southbugs

After a hiatus, DD, who also served as the band's producer and was the bassist at the time, decided to carry on with the band's vision. He recruited Carlos Heneral and, after some searching, successfully brought Rap on board as the lead vocalist. While the trio currently forms the band's core, they've chosen to collaborate with session musicians as needed for live performances and videos, Southbugs said.

The band draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including grunge, alternative rock, pop punk and pop.

"We believe in breaking musical boundaries and are on a journey of creative exploration. Our goal is to create great music and inviting our audience to explore and enjoy this musical adventure with us," Southbugs added.

Carlos Heneral.
Carlos Heneral.Photo courtesy of Southbugs

"While our musical influences and arrangements have remained fairly consistent, our sound has evolved significantly, thanks to Rap's unique vocal style, blending elements of pop punk and RnB into our music," it added.

Dumaguete music

With their latest release, Southbugs wants to let everyone know that Dumaguete's music scene is as vibrant as ever and that they also have a place in the Philippine soundscape.

"We want readers to discover the vibrant music scene... our city is home to exceptionally talented artists, each offering a unique sound," the band said.

"Our release is a window into the diverse music scene here, and we hope it encourages people to explore the multitude of artists in our city," they added.

DD.Photo courtesy of Southbugs

As the clock ticks down to November 18, Southbugs' "Ang Pagsud-ong (POV)" promises to be a musical journey that resonates with listeners, leaving an indelible mark on the Dumaguete music scene.

"Hello, everyone! We're excited to invite you to listen to our new single, 'Ang Pagsud-ong (POV),' set to release on November 18. We genuinely hope you enjoy our music. Looking ahead, we plan to release a new song each month, so stay tuned to discover what we have in store for Southbugs! Thank you for your support," they added.

Listen to the band's music here: https://push.fm/fl/southbugs


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